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Rumble 20600 Elodie vs. The Princess (2022 Film)
Elodie: 4
The Princess (2022 Film): 3

Rumble 20599 Tom Cat vs. Death Angel (A Quiet Place)
Tom Cat: 2
Death Angels (A Quiet Place): 0

Wolverine vs. Multiple Man
Wolverine: 3
Multiple Man: 4

Tournament - Captain James Tiberius Kirk vs. Viceroy Nute Gunray
Captain James Tiberius Kirk: 6
Viceroy Nute Gunray: 3

M.A.S.K. vs. Menasor
M.A.S.K.: 3
Menasor: 2

Match 20584 Guardian (Marvel Comics) vs. Captain Britain

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The Alpha Flight team journeyed to a forested area just outside the school grounds of the Xavier Institute to regroup following Vindicator’s loss to Magik.

VINDICATOR: I apologize that I wasn’t able to defeat her, James. Maybe someone else from Alpha Flight should have taken Shaman’s place.

GUARDIAN: Don’t worry about it. Illyana Rasputin is very strong. I doubt any other member of Alpha Flight would have fared better. You just came up a little short.

VINDICATOR: Snowbird is a literal goddess. She could have probably done well against the ruler of Limbo.

SNOWBIRD: I was not chosen for that fight. I also agree with Guardian that there is no point of fretting on what has already transpired. As long as we do our best, we can hold our heads up high.

SASQUATCH: No offense, but now that we are here and competing, I want to do a little better than just our best. I want to win.

GUARDIAN: We still can. The heroes are so strong in this tournament that I would almost guarantee no team is going to finish 5-0. 

NORTHSTAR: Agreed. And does that mean you are warming up to this competition, Guardian?

Guardian smiled.

GUARDIAN: Maybe a little bit.

SASQUATCH: Jean-Paul, you were a teacher at this school for a time. Is there any insight you can provide on some of the younger mutants that we may not be familiar with.

NORTHSTAR: Many of the young mutants I often interacted with are still students here and not participating in the tournament. I don’t know how much insight I can offer.

Many of those students were currently gathered around large screens taking in the action of each tournament fight. This included the likes of Anole, Armor, Dust, Hellion, Mercury, Pixie, Rockslide, Surge, and Wind Dancer. Hellion, Julian Keller, and Wind Dancer, Sofia Mantega, sat together at a table nearby Pixie, Megan Gwynne. They cheered when their favorites won and Hellion booed loudly when Emma Frost was defeated by Rachel Summers.

Currently, the students were in shock as the next match was announced pitting their classmate,  X-23, against Hollow. They watched in disbelief as the fight commenced.

HELLION: Laura really got into the tournament, how did that happen?


HELLION: Absolutely. What makes her so special? I bet it’s the connection to Logan.

WIND DANCER: Wolverine isn’t even on either of the teams. 

PIXIE: What I believe it shows  is that one of us may have a shot to get in as an alternate. That’s exciting.

HELLION: I don’t want to get in as an alternate. I think our class should have our own team. Rockslide, Dust, Mercury, and I are ready to go right now. You could join us now that you have your powers again.

WIND DANCER: I wasn’t even a member of the New Hellions, remember?

HELLION: Details. It isn’t even about Hellion or New Mutant. It’s about representing our class against all the other classes in X-Men history. Showing these old folks what we can really do.

WIND DANCER: That would be something.

Karma entered the common area where the students were watching the tournament matches with someone the students didn’t recognize.

KARMA: Pixie, I am in need of your assistance.

The spritely mutant perked up.

PIXIE: I am ready to go.

KARMA: Alpha Flight traveled a little farther away than anticipated. I need you to teleport them to the Danger Room so they will be ready for the next match in the tournament. It is their turn.

PIXIE: Oh, ok.

Pixie teleported away in search of the Canadian Superhero team.

Karma addressed the man that walked in with her.

KARMA: Mr. Wright you can take a seat anywhere you like. You should have a good view from here.


Karma took her leave of the students and walked toward the Danger Room.

Scott Wright, Micromax, sat in the seat vacated by Pixie near Hellion and Wind Dancer.

HELLION: Who are you?

MICROMAX: The name is Scott Wright, codename Micromax, and I am just happy that I made it in time to watch this fight.

WIND DANCER: Laura versus Hollow?

MICROMAX: No, the one after. As a government agent sworn to protect my homeland and as a proud British native and former member of Excalibur, it is the fight that I have been looking forward to the most. There are just so many interesting parallels.

WIND DANCER: The last two remaining teams in this round are Alpha Flight and Excalibur, are you suggesting the fight is….

Inside the Danger Room, Alpha Flight was teleported in by Pixie where they joined the Excalibur team of Captain Britain, Meggan, Rachel Summers, Kylun, and Cerise as well as Karma.

KARMA: Welcome to the second round, Alpha Flight. As you can see, the team opposing you this time around is Excalibur.

NORTHSTAR: Wait, are we about to do what I think we are about to do?

KARMA: Guardian and Captain Britain, the leaders of your teams, the chosen heroes of your respective countries, adorned in the iconography of your nation’s flags, you have both been selected as your teams’ representatives for this round.

MEGGAN: This is so cool.

VINDICATOR: I have to agree. It’s a good call.

CERISE: This would be akin to something like your world’s Olympics, right?

RACHEL SUMMERS: Something like that.

KARMA: Guardian, the science of the Vindicator suit and the skill of the woman wearing it wasn’t enough to overcome the chaotic magic of Illyana Rasputin, it is now time to see if your skills and your suit are enough to outlast the old magic entrusted in one, Brian Braddock.

GUARDIAN: There is only one way to find out.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN: I am happy that you are my opponent.

The two heroes shook hands and then entered the Danger Room which transformed into an old army base.


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Guardian's suit is quite impressive. I vividly remember his first appearance when he went after Wolverine. He could do something against Captain Britian but I think Brian will triumph.

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Another good set-up, Johnny. Glad I'm getting to these latest arc chapters on time. :) 

As for the match, it looks like Britain has most of the advantages here. He just seems to be more powerful overall than Guardian. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - Boratz
4.60 - DSkillz

FPA Calculation:
2 Total Votes cast
9.60 Total Combined Score
9.60 / 2 = 4.80 Final Rating on the match

Guardian (Marvel Comics): 0
Captain Britain: 4

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