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  2. While I'd be rooting for Powerglide, he stands no chance against a Decepticon warship all on his own. And I don't know much about Ghostbusters outside of the films. But from what I'm seeing, it doesn't seem like Wat has anything that he could do that could take down the Nemesis. Unless Wat has some crazy feat that I'm completely unaware of. My vote goes to the Nemesis.
  3. NEW CHARACTER RUMBLE! Powerglide and Nemesis have beef with one another and go down to fight on a planet. Unknown to them Wat is there and intends to attack both.
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  5. I figured with you going old west my user theme, I had to go to the British Isles and Arthurian legend as that is yours.
  6. Man I have to worry about elimination everytime with you. You have bested me or tied me in our last two tournament encounters, and you combine Westerns and the Yakuza a pairing so natural I'm shocked we don't see it more. Team Cowboy may have more elites, but this may be an Alamo scenario. I think the average grunts are going to be enough to overwhelm them.
  7. This mega stand-off takes place in a deserted scrapyard. The 3 Killer Klowns are Slim, Shorty & Fatso Lubdan is in possession of his gold 15 Gremlins & 15 Critters All contenders at full capabilities. Let the insanity and comedy begin!!
  8. Oh yeah, right, in my mind I was picturing like 30 to 40-ish goons, most of them packing the usual guns you'd expect from mafia/gangsters but a couple got some heavier military grade style weapons like rocket launchers, heavy machine guns, stuff like that sprinkled in.
  9. Thank you! Something surreal with hints of something more going on was my intent. I hope to continue this as long as the interest remains.
  10. Loved this setup. Man, I feel so sorry for anyone up against you in the first round of this Tournament! Wait, that's me! I meant to say this is absolutely awf.... nah, I can't - it's awesome. Well done A fun read, and an interesting matchup. Great style and rhymes, I'd have liked a bit more of an intro but that is nitpicking. I think that Din has other weaponry and too much maneuverability which will help him take this fight fairly easily. Not sure I can vote against the competition, but you get a 4.9 from me.
  11. Easy to read story with good brief intros to the characters. There was a sense of menace throughout especially from Lucy. Unfortunately I don't know much about either so can't comment as to the winner, but the story gives me the impression that Lucy is the more dangerous of the two and that Koro is not going to be able to talk her down!
  12. I liked the setup! A bit surreal and unpredictable, which is always good - hope you do continue this story as it could be one that gets more and more crazy. Some more explanation about what is happening would be beneficial in the future, but this is enough to wet the appetite.
  13. Awesome setup and echo the comments on the layout and pictures. A fun story as well, which captured the vibe of the character (although I don't know much about her). Can't really fault it, apart from perhaps wanting to see a bit more from Two-Face (he's always a fun character) and maybe some detail around the army of goons (weaponry, numbers etc) which may impact the outcome of the fight.
  14. Thanks, I appreciate that. Some of them are fan art but a couple are from comics : ) And oh I must have missed those typos, fair
  15. I'm not very familiar with the unstoppable Was so I'm going with the crowd here and will give her my vote. That said, I am in awe of how you structured the tools here, changing color text, all centered and with pictures to boot. Were these fan made pictures? This is the type of quality I expect to see when I open a book. There are a couple typos that will stop me from giving it a full 5 here though. I'm going to give it a 4.8.
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  17. Oops! This his been my life for like three months. Rush job on everything. Let it scratch and get on with it. I'll live (and probably end up doing it again someday).
  18. cop meets criminal the confrontation is inside a large scrap yard 1 gun of choice can be used with very minimal ammo 1 melee weapon of choice h2h combat is likely imminent battle arena
  19. I guess Splitface since neither really have a defence against soul stealing.
  20. I think the most powerful versions of Captain Canuck can match Guardian in strength and durability, but other things like Electromagetism would mess up any battle suit he has.
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