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Rumble 20644 A-Wing Starfighter vs. ARC 170 vs. Enterprise-E
A-Wing Starfighter: 0
ARC 170: 0
Enterprise-E: 6

Imhotep vs. Ahmanet
Imhotep: 7
Ahmanet: 0

Banjo and Kazooie vs. Crash Bandicoot
Banjo and Kazooie: 2
Crash Bandicoot: 3

Blink vs. Pixie
Blink: 1
Pixie: 5

Banshee vs. Cannonball
Banshee: 2
Cannonball: 4

Tournament - Piranhas vs. Captain Nemo


You Be The Judge
Vote for who you would think would win


Captain Nemo

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The year is 1866 and there is only one true master of the sea; a groundbreaking futuristic submarine named the Nautilus. At the helm of this scientific marvel is Captain Nemo (Johnny Depp), a man driven by his obsession and haunted by his demons. Braving storms, pirates, and sea creatures, Nemo is joined by his wise second-in-command (Sylvester Stallone), quick witted engineer (Eddie Murphy), combat-ready sonar technician (Jackie Chan) and the rest of his crew as they face their greatest test yet.

On their latest mission returning from the deepest parts of the Atlantic Ocean, the submarine starts losing power and, as water starts pouring in, they uncover the prehistoric nightmare that has just been waiting for them – inside the Nautilus!


[Movie Scene 43C Outline]

INT. Nautilus Deck 1, Engineering Room

Scene opens to a man standing in a submarine corridor in front of a cabin door. He looks suspiciously left and right. Nobody is around so he opens the door, steps through and closes it behind him with a soft CLANG.

Man gives a big smile.

In front of him is a beautiful woman (Ed. Note; man has smuggled the woman onboard the Nautilus at previous dock). She smiles at the man and slowly starts unbuttoning her dress, and then her bodice. Her clothes fall to the floor, and she is naked in front of man.


--- I’ve been waiting for you ---


--- Sorry, it took me a while. Had to make sure the coast was clear. ---


--- It’s not polite to keep a woman waiting you know ---

The man approaches woman with big grin and undresses. They begin to get familiar on a table.

Camera cuts to floor of the cabin. Water has begun to fill the room. Man and Woman do not notice as they are on the table.

Camera cuts to the table.

WOMAN (loudly)

--- OH! ----

MAN (loudly)

--- YEAH! ----

Camera cuts back to the floor, water has now filled the cabin and some shapes can be seen swimming around. It is almost up to the top of the table.

Camera cuts to table. Man sees the water and looks shocked.


--- OH MY GOD! ---


--- YES, YES, OH MY GOD! ----

MAN (pulling away, his hands on the edge of the table)

--- NO, THE WATER! ---

Woman looks disappointed and lies back, her hair floats in the water.

WOMAN (sighing)

--- Did you finish already? ---

Man is about to answer but a dark shape flashes past in the water. He lifts his hand, and all his fingers are gone. Red blood spurts all over the woman’s breasts and face.


--- EWWW!!!---

She tries to sit up, but something in the water has her hair. She struggles and is suddenly yanked backwards on the table, so that her head disappears under the water. Numerous dark shapes flash forward and surround her head in the water, and she jiggles about on the table.



Man grabs her arm with his good hand and lifts her up.

All the remains above her shoulders is a white grinning skull with bits of flesh sticking to it.



He lets go of the body and jerks back. He loses his balance on the table and topples into the water.

Dark shapes surround him, and the water turns red with blood. Bones start floating to the surface.

Scene ends with the cabin door bursting open and water, blood, and bones flooding out into the corridor.


Critic Reviews

***** Jackie Chan’s performance as bumbling sonar technician “Ping” is outstanding, you can absolutely see why he is up for the Best Supporting Actor.

***** The unexpected and uncredited cameo by Ryan Reynolds as the Humanoid Piranha King was a stroke of pure genius.

**** There are ‘bite-sized’ thrills that will leave you ‘hooked’ from beginning to end!

***** The beautiful soundtrack for this movie left me in tears! Who would have expected that a Taylor Swift and Slipknot collaboration would have worked so well.

User Reviews

*** Awesome acting, awesome FX – blockbusterRus

This film had it all. Explosions and guts, terror and action. The chemistry between the actors was amazing, particularly between Tom Cruise and Adam Sandler who chewed up the scenery at every opportunity.

**** Some scenes of pure gold – soccermom69

I could not get over how good this movie was. The scene where Eddie Murphy and Leonardo DiCaprio sing karaoke to distract the piranhas was brilliant, and there were even moments that made me cry. Luckily, I was making an apple pie at the time so I had something to cheer me up afterwards.  

** Not what I was expecting! – boxingfan123

Having seen that Stallone was in this, I was expecting a boxing movie. Apart from a couple of moments involving fish being punched in the face, there was barely any boxing. Avoid it if you are a fan of boxing, which I love.



“Nature's creative power is far beyond man's instinct of destruction.”

― Jules Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

“I am tired of these gadzooks piranhas on my gadzooks submarine!”

― Captain Nemo (Johnny Depp), Piranhas on a Submarine.


Breaking News

After the runaway success of Piranhas on a Submarine, the blockbuster prequel to Snakes on a Plane, numerous sequels and prequels have been announced – putting it on track to be one of the biggest franchises in history.

-          Samuel L. Jackson crosses his own franchises in this hit sequel set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. As King Kong falls through a wormhole in hollow earth and is thrown across space and time, he ends up on the Titan Space Station, which is being visited by none other than Mace Windu. As Jedi and King meet, there will be only one left standing in… GIANT APE ON A SPACE STATION!

-          Don’t miss the horror crossover everyone has been waiting for. As the largest drug bust of the century goes horribly wrong, our familiar family of killer black bears relapse. After terrorising a desolate town, they chase the desperate survivors to an old family entertainment centre. The survivors soon discover that there’s danger inside as well and, as the animatronics begin their massacre from within, the coked-up bears break in and start their own slaughter. It’s coke, chaos and carnage baby, in BEARS IN AN ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE!

-          And just when you thought things couldn’t get better… Great ready for interdimensional travel as your favourite star Samuel L. Jackson returns not once, not twice, but three times as he reprises some of his favourite roles. And this time he’s not just facing your every day run of the mill snake – but the three big ones who have learned to jump through dimensional portals! Get ready for GIANT SNAKES ON A MULTIVERSAL PLANE!

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