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Rumble 20644 A-Wing Starfighter vs. ARC 170 vs. Enterprise-E
A-Wing Starfighter: 0
ARC 170: 0
Enterprise-E: 6

Imhotep vs. Ahmanet
Imhotep: 7
Ahmanet: 0

Banjo and Kazooie vs. Crash Bandicoot
Banjo and Kazooie: 2
Crash Bandicoot: 3

Blink vs. Pixie
Blink: 1
Pixie: 5

Banshee vs. Cannonball
Banshee: 2
Cannonball: 4

Rumble 20653 Cocaine Bear vs. Willy's Wonderland


You Be The Judge
Vote for who you would think would win

Cocaine Bear

Willy's Wonderland


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Breaking News

After the runaway success of the movie Piranhas on a Submarine, the blockbuster prequel to Snakes on a Plane, numerous sequels and prequels have been announced – putting it on track to be one of the biggest franchises in history.

Don’t miss the horror crossover everyone has been waiting for. As the largest drug bust of the century goes horribly wrong, our familiar family of killer black bears relapse. After terrorising a desolate town, they chase the desperate survivors to an old family entertainment centre. The survivors soon discover that there’s danger inside as well and, as the animatronics begin their massacre from within, the coked-up bears break in and start their own slaughter. It’s coke, chaos and carnage baby, in BEARS IN AN ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE!

How does this go down?


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