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Rumble 20600 Elodie vs. The Princess (2022 Film)
Elodie: 4
The Princess (2022 Film): 3

Rumble 20599 Tom Cat vs. Death Angel (A Quiet Place)
Tom Cat: 2
Death Angels (A Quiet Place): 0

Wolverine vs. Multiple Man
Wolverine: 3
Multiple Man: 4

Tournament - Captain James Tiberius Kirk vs. Viceroy Nute Gunray
Captain James Tiberius Kirk: 6
Viceroy Nute Gunray: 3

M.A.S.K. vs. Menasor
M.A.S.K.: 3
Menasor: 2

Match 20580 Nightcrawler vs. Shatterstar

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The respective teams of Forge and Cable watched on intently as the two men shot at each other with pulse rifles. Forge’s Uncanny team of Bishop, Longshot, Dazzler, and Kitty Pryde stood on one side while Cable’s X-Force team of Shatterstar, Warpath, Rictor, and Feral stood on the other. The X-Force team was also joined by longtime member and partner to Cable, Domino. Forge reached for a concussion grenade that Cable knocked away with his telekinesis. As the battle continued, Shatterstar left his team and walked up to Longshot.

SHATTERSTAR: I was certain when our teams were paired up that we would have been the representatives, brother.

LONGSHOT: Yeah, two warriors who fought for years to survive in the Mojoverse. I can’t think of a better connection I would have with anyone here.

Longshot’s eyes looked over to Domino.

LONGSHOT: On the other hand.

Dazzler followed her teammate’s eyes and elbowed him in the side and teased him.

DAZZLER: Now you’re making me want to fight her.

Their attention immediately turned back to the fight between Cable and Forge as the sound of Forge’s yells echoed through the Danger Room. The veteran X-Man fell at Cable’s feet, unable to keep up with Cable’s power despite his ingenious weaponry. Cable smirked.

COMPUTER VOICE: The winner is Cable. One point for the X-Force team.

CABLE: A great skirmish Forge, it was an honor.

Forge gasped hard as he struggled to lift himself up.

FORGE: Well, there is a reason you were the leader while I was on X-Force.

Cable helped his friend up and then adressed his team.

CABLE: Alright team let’s move out, we’re done here. There are plenty of potential opponents to scout for the next round.

Cable left the Danger Room followed by Domino, Feral, and Warpath. Shatterstar stayed a few moments with his parents, who remained blissfully unaware of their destiny as his parents, until Rictor placed his hand on his back shoulder.

RICTOR: You heard Cable, we need to go.’

Shatterstar acknowledged Rictor and followed his friend to the exit. 

DAZZLER: Good luck in the fights ahead.

Shatterstar twisted his neck back to see her and nodded appreciatively.

After his defeat of fellow heavy hitter Strong Guy, Colossus joined back with his teammates Nightcrawler, Storm, Banshee, and Sunfire.

COLOSSUS: Not a bad start at all, no?

STORM: Not bad at all, hopefully we can keep up the momentum you have given us.

The team spent the remainder of the first round trying to think of a time since their original recruitment into the X-Men, that the five of them had been together like this and were unable to come up with a single instance. As the second round started, the conversation naturally turned to what team they might be paired off against next.

SUNFIRE: It looks like I won't be fighting next.

STORM: What makes you say that?

SUNFIRE: Looking at everyone who is here, it seems obvious I will be paired with Roberto, which suits me just fine. We can settle a long standing argument. But we won’t be able to do that this round because the New Mutants are already lined up to face X-Men Blue.

STORM: While I think you and Beto would be a fine matchup, I don’t think it is the only possibility for you.

BANSHEE: I too wonder who’s in store for me. My first two guesses have already had their matches so I’m back to square one.

COLOSSUS: Who were you thinking, comrade?

BANSHEE: First I thought of Warren Worthington due to our proclivity for the skies and then maybe Emma Frost because of our connection teaching Generation-X. Those possibilities are gone now. Perhaps I have been paired against someone in Excalibur, a nod to Irish-British tension.

NIGHTCRAWLER: Personally, I would love to be our representative should we face off against my former team. I have so much history with Excalibur, I was a founding member. I’m sure Brian would not be opposed to the idea of getting his hands on me to get out some unresolved tension.

SUNFIRE: Who would have unresolved tension with you?

NIGHTCRAWLER: There were just some misconstrued events, involving his current wife, Meggan, and I…

Storm lifted a knowing eyebrow.

STORM: Misconstrued, hmmm.

NIGHTCRAWLER: Ororo, please, there is no need to litigate the past. There are other possibilities if I was the one to go against Excalibur. I could be paired against my former flame, Cerise.

Kurt thought about the very real possibility of fighting his powerhouse Shi'ar ex-girlfriend and the possibility she could take out any lingering frustration over their end of their relationship when she was forced into service by the Shi’ar, out on him. He flinched.

NIGHTCRAWLER: On second thought I don’t think I want to fight against my former teammates.

STORM: Speaking of teammates, I wouldn’t mind seeing you and Logan go another round.

NIGHTCRAWLER: Easy for you to say, Liebchen, you wouldn’t be the one having to avoid his claws.

BANSHEE: I think a fight with you and Hank would be fun. A battle of the blue.

NIGHTCRAWLER: Now you’re on to something, mein friend.

?: I can answer the question of your opponent, Kurt. It is no one that you have mentioned.

Cecilia Reyes approached the International X-Men team. Kurt teleported next to her and kissed her hand.

NIGHTCRAWLER: Dr. Reyes, a pleasure as always, fraulein. 

CECILIA REYES: If you think flattery is going to get you some advantage, you're barking up the wrong tree.

NIGHTCRAWLER: Wouldn’t dream of it.

CECILIA REYES: I’m here in a professional capacity.

Cecilia regarded Kurt’s swords.

CECILIA REYES: When swords are involved, deep cuts are always a consideration.

Kurt perked up.

NIGHTCRAWLER: A sword fight?

CECILIA REYES: You will see soon enough. If you wouldn’t mind teleporting us there to get us there quickly.


Nightcrawler teleported Cecilia, himself, Storm, Banshee, Colossus, and Sunfire back to the Danger Room where they were awaited by X-Force. The realization hit Nightcrawler almost instantly.

NIGHTCRAWLER: A sword fight against Shatterstar? What a great challenge.

SHATTERSTAR: I’m also looking forward to this battle. I respect you, Nightcrawler and all that you have done, but you should know that you are outclassed here. Swordplay isn’t a hobby for me. I had to master swordplay to survive the colosseums of Mojoworld as a gladiator and Dr. Reyes isn’t here for me. I have a healing factor and the ability to rearrange my own organs.

CECILIA REYES: I am here for whomever needs my assistance.

NIGHTCRAWLER: I appreciate your concern, mein friend. But you should know swashbuckling isn’t a hobby for me either. Underestimate the fuzzy elf at your own peril. I have been fighting with swords for decades, I even got to the semifinal of an intergalactic sword fighting tournament against Gamora of the Guardians. 

CABLE: Nightcrawler, always with the name drops.

RICTOR: I can’t be convinced Shatterstar isn’t the superior swordsman.

Feral glared at Nightcrawler.

FERAL: Shatterstar can also create his own portals, teleporter!

CECILIA REYES: The time for talking is over. Nightcrawler, Shatterstar, please step into the Danger Room.

Both men obliged and the Danger Room transformed into a greco roman colosseum.

SHATTERSTAR: Hmm, Mojo would approve.

NIGHTCRAWLER: Prepare yourself!


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This is an interesting one... Teleportation and swordsmanship against Probability Control...

This is definitely an interesting one indeed, and perhaps too close to call.

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4 hours ago, RakaiThwei said:


This is an interesting one... Teleportation and swordsmanship against Probability Control...

This is definitely an interesting one indeed, and perhaps too close to call.

Unless Shatterstar's powers have drastically changed, I believe you have him confused with Longshot. 

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1 minute ago, JohnnyChany said:

Unless Shatterstar's powers have drastically changed, I believe you have him confused with Longshot. 

Yeah, I got confused with him with Longshot! My bad!

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Longshot would have been a better opponent for Nightcrawler. Shatterstar is cool and all but he has nothing to beat Kurt. Still would be a pretty good fight before Shatty gets humiliated. And I though I had put some alternate pictures for Shatterstar. Must have not worked or something. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - Boratz
4.80 - broadwaybeyonder

FPA Calculation:
2 Total Votes cast
9.80 Total Combined Score
9.80 / 2 = 4.90 Final Rating on the match

Nightcrawler: 4
Shatterstar: 0

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