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Yokai (Big Hero 6) vs. Syndrome (Buddy Pine)
Yokai (Big Hero 6): 1
Syndrome (Buddy Pine): 7

Rumble 20504 Crossbreeds (Blood And Honey) vs. Dr. Buddy Rydell vs. Zeku
Crossbreeds (Blood And Honey): 1
Dr. Buddy Rydell: 1
Zeku: 1

Xicor (Zaiko) vs. The Dragon Ball Universe
Xicor (Zaiko): 0
The Dragon Ball Universe: 6

Rumble 20499 Evil-Lyn vs. The Invisible Woman
Evil-Lyn: 0
The Invisible Woman: 3

Gamora vs. The Arbiter
Gamora: 3
The Arbiter: 0

Match 20478 Juggernaut vs. The Homelander

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Chapter 23: The Path of Destruction

The Gen'Dai bounty hunter was somewhat impressed by his opponents. The UniSol operatives had worked together to face the deadly hunter. As smoke filled the room around, the bounty hunter took on multiple blasts from the operatives. Durge found that they were stronger and fast than the other guards that he had come across in this prison. He found that they were harder to take down. With a massive explosion from the thermal detonator, two of the UniSol operatives were killed instantly. After the smoke cleared, Durge glanced out and saw that the portion of the facility had taken much damage. There were cracks in the walls and the door to the elevator shaft had been blown apart. The bounty hunter found himself facing off against the final two UniSol operatives, Luc Deveroux and Andrew Scott. He fired off multiple shots from his blasters at the two soldiers. Deveroux and Scott were able to take cover as they continued trying to take down the intruder. Durge stumbled back from taking the impact of their different attacks.

Despite the combined efforts of the remaining UniSol operatives, the Gen’Dai bounty hunter did not seem fazed by their attacks. Andrew Scott picked up a shotgun off the floor and started making his way closer toward the intruder. He unloaded multiple shots into the chest of the Gen’Dai hunter while making his way closer toward the intruder. Durge staggered back but did not take on any damage from the weapon. He reached down for his flail and smacked his attacker across the chest. Andrew Scott went flying back into the opening of the elevator shaft. Before Durge could go see down the shaft, he felt a force hitting him in the back. Luc Deveroux unleashed a powerful kick across the back of the intruder. He then reached down to his holster and drew his pistol. The Universal Soldier unloaded his clip into the deadly bounty hunter. Deveroux then unleashed another power kicked across the bounty hunter’s face.


After seeing that the bounty hunter was still on his feet, the Universal Soldier dived to the floor. He scooped up a weapon from one of the fallen guards and immediately started firing on the bounty hunter once again. Growing tired of his opponent, Durge drew his blaster and shot it into the chest of Luc Deveroux. The Universal Soldier fell back on the ground and then tried to crawl away from the deadly hunter. Durge walked over toward the UniSol operative and lifted his spike flail high in the air. He swung it down and crushed the skull of the Universal Soldier. After killing Deveroux, the deadly hunter then made his way to the chamber that the prisoner was contained in. After looking over the code name of X65, Durge was able to disable to the containment shield. He watched as a massive block of ice started to quickly thaw and an enormous figure appeared before him.


The prisoner had a massive metal skullcap helmet that covered his face. He stumbled out of the containment cell and stood before the Gen’Dai hunter. Before the prisoner could say anything to the one that rescued him from his imprisonment, he heard a shotgun blast. Durge and the massive prisoner turned their attention to the UniSol operative that had climbed out of the elevator shaft. Andrew Scott’s face was covered in ash and cut up from his battle with the deadly bounty hunter. He pumped the weapon once again and shot it off at the prisoner. The blast simply bounced off the massive prisoner as he looked down at where the blast impacted his body. He then glanced at Durge before turning his attention to the Universal Soldier.  The massive prisoner almost chuckled as he stormed over toward the UniSol operative. He towered over Andrew Scott as he started to reach down at the former deranged soldier.

“Don’t you know who I am? I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” The prison screamed as he grabbed ahold of the Universal Soldier.

Without any effort, Juggernaut ripped Andrew Scott in half. After throwing away the remains of the UniSol operative, he turned his attention back toward the Gen’Dai hunter.  “Who are you supposed to be?” Juggernaut growled as he glared down at Durge.

“I was sent to break you out. I have some friends that are very much interested in having you join our team.” Durge replied.

“Who are your friends?” Juggernaut asked.

“You will have a chance to meet them, but we need to go!” Durge replied.

While Juggernaut and the bounty hunter made their way out of the prison, they faced multiple guards. A wide variety of machines and weapons tried to stop the two deadly individuals. Despite the best efforts from the remaining guards and all the weapons that they tried to throw at them, it was not use. Durge and Juggernaut broke out of the heavily secured facility. After walking out into the frozen wasteland, Durge started pressing some buttons on his wrist. Juggernaut looked in all directions and asked if the bounty hunter had a way out of there. The Gen’Dai hunter glanced back at the Juggernaut and simply said, “Patience.”

“I don’t do patience!” Juggernaut yelled as he saw beams of light appearing down from the sky.

Juggernaut watched as Durge’s ship landed on the ground before them. The bounty hunter loaded up his speeder into the ship and gestured for the massive prisoner to join him on the ship. A smirked formed across Juggernaut’s cheeks as he walked into the back of the ship. Durge sat down behind the controls and flew off into the cold night sky. He sent a message to Grand Admiral Thrawn about the mission’s success and started searching for a place to land. The deadly hunter figured that the Chiss Imperial would send him another mission before they departed this green and blue planet. Durge noticed an incoming transmission. He glanced back at the Juggernaut and then looked back down at the flashing red light that signaled the transmission. The bounty hunter pressed a button on his wrist and the faded image of a hologram formed between him and Juggernaut. Both of them stared at the image of the Chiss Imperial as he gazed back at them with a look of satisfaction.

"Cain Marko, I have heard the many stories surrounding your abilities." Thrawn said as his red eyes looked over the muscled giant.

"They are all true! I am the Juggernaut!" Marko boasted with a large smile that formed under his metal helmet. "Why did you break me out?"

"I am putting together a team to help with the interests of my allies. I need an unstoppable force and I hear that is you." Thrawn replied with a calm voice. 

"What's in it for me?" Juggernaut asked while gritting his teeth.

"My allies and I have unlimited resources from across the universe. We are sure we can accommodate even an unstoppable force such as yourself." Trawn said confidently.

"What do you want me to do?" Juggernaut asked. 

"There is a place in Egypt that I need you to travel to and retrieve a pair of books for me." Thrawn said while preparing to brief the two on their newest mission.

Outside the Vought International Tower,

Amanda Waller scowled while looking at the tower. She had a bad taste in her mouth as the doors opened wide for her. After providing her credentials, she was escorted to the elevator. While the elevator ascended up the multiple floors, she started to have an uneasy feeling in the put of her stomach. She thought about the incident at the prison and the questions that would be asked if word had gotten out about Juggernaut's escape. The Director of ARGUS knew that she could tell a convincing lie that would fool most government agencies, but someone like Nick Fury would be much harder to fool. She could not rely on most of her resources due to the power level that Cain Marko possessed. As the elevator doors opened, Waller saw the portrait for the Seven hanging on the wall in front of her. She shook her head once her eyes looked over the image of Homelander standing over the rest of the Seven. 

"Amanda, what do I owe the pleasure?!" Homelander exclaimed as his arms stretched out. 

"I need your help." Amanda muttered while trying not to choke on her words.

"Oh Amanda, that must have been so hard for you to say." Homelander said with boastful smile. "Could I interest you in a steak? The cooks here can make a pretty mean filet and they can whipbit up for you!"

"No!" Waller snapped while throwing a folder down on the table in front of Homelander.

Homelander barely looked down at the folder before looking away. He picked up a large glass of milk and took a sip of it before letting out a sigh. "Amanda, I did not think something with your figure would pass up on a free meal but it looks like I was wrong. I should warn you, I'm not a fan of reading." The leader of the Seven said with a sickening smile.

"Several days ago, a powerful criminal was broken out of a highly secret maximum-security prison. Our intel has shown that he is heading for an ARGUS compound in Egypt. He has already destroyed multiple facilities in the area." Waller replied with a cold gaze.

"Hmmm, what's the name of this prisoner?" Homelander asked.

"Cain Marko... He goes by Juggernaut." Waller replied.

"Huh, Juggernaut? Sounds like a sex toy for a middle-aged Karen!" Homelander said while reaching for the folder. After looking over the photo of Cain Marko, Homelander nodded his head with an awkward expression. "Kind of looks like an oversized vibrator." 

"I need your help to stop him." Waller said with a scowl.

"My help? Why not call those douchebag Avengers or the little pricks in the Justice League? I know! What about your Suicide Squad?" Homelander mocked while circling around the Director of ARGUS.

"This needs to be off record." Waller replied.

"And you think the Seven will help with off record?" Homelander asked with squinted eyes.

"Not the Seven. Just you." Waller replied with piercing eyes.

"Amanda, I am touched. Hmmm. Well, I did just free up my calendar recently but sadly I don't work for free." Homelander smiled. 

"What do you want?" Waller asked 

"Oh, just a little bit of this and that. Uhhh what is it that I want? I have just about everything because I am everything. Except there is one little thing that I don't have." Homelander said as he started to pace back and forth.

"What is it, Homelander?!" Amanda hissed while gritting her teeth.

"A piece of that jolly green kryptonite. It is a hell of a thing to come by." Homelander smiled. 

"Why?" Waller asked.

"So, if that Prick of Tomorrow tries to ever get in my way then I can show the entire world that even Superman can be broken." Homelander replied.

"Consider it done." Amanda scoffed. 

"Good deal. I hate to leave you here, but I have a giant sex toy to stop!" Homelander boasted before leaving the Director of ARGUS behind in the Seven's conference room. 

After flying across the world, the leader of the Seven found himself in Egypt. He followed the coordinates to the ARGUS compound. From the outside, it almost appeared to be a power plant. Homelander smiled as he looked around at the surrounding dessert. A power plant in the middle of sand and dust. He thought that Amanda was not very subtle in where she established this facility. Homelander then figured that there must have been a reason that the Director of ARGUS chose this specific spot to establish a compound. As Homelander walked past multiple ARGUS soldiers, he was told to wait outside by one of the men. The leader of the Seven rolled his eyes and unleashed a powerful beam from his eyes. He blew apart the guard with ease before walking into the facility. He saw a name, "Hamunaptra" written on a file in one of the rooms. Before the leader of the Seven could look deeper into the facility, he heard a noise that rattled throughout the compound. Sirens and flashing lights soon followed. Homelander lifted his head and sighed.

Homelander slowly made his way toward the commotion. He listened as gunshots rang out followed by screams of the ARGUS guards. The leader of the Seven smiled at the sight of the carnage before coming around a corner. He then saw the image of the two assailants. Homelander looked over the two and immediately recognized Cain Marko from the file that was given to him by Amanda Waller. This Juggernaut seemed much bigger than he was anticipating but he still had that weird looking metal helmet that covered his face. The other individual had an armor that covered his entire body. He carried weapons that did not seem to be from this world and while he was not as large as the Juggernaut, he did seem to be taller than people of Earth. Homelander looked over the destruction without any expression then turned his attention back to the two assailants. A large smile formed across the leader of the Seven's face as he stood up tall and put out his chest. 

"I suppose that you two would not surrender here and now. I just got this suit dry cleaned and I'd hate to get it dirty again." Homelander said with a boastful tone.

"Get the book. I'll handle this blonde prick!" Juggernaut told Durge.

"No need for name calling you oversized vibrator." Homelander smiled as his eyes started to turn into a fiery red color.

"I am going to rip you head off and shove it up your ass!" Juggernaut screamed.


The battle takes place in an ARGUS facility that is disguised as a power plant in the Egyptian dessert. Can Homelander either defeat Juggernaut or at least knock him out? Or will Juggernaut defeat the leader of the Seven?

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Fun setup and good matchup. Homelander's comments about Juggernaut are pure gold 😆.

I think Homelander will make the mistake of getting too close, at which point Juggernauts superior strength and durability will come into play - Juggs for the win. 


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Watching Juggernaut smash the hell out of Homelander is gonna be so fucking glorious, I can’t freaking wait!

Great write-up Boratz! Please make Juggy’s beat down of Homelander extra detailed!

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Just started watching The Boys. A couple of things of note so far are 1) for a series about superheroes (albeit corrupt ones) I'm three episodes into Season 1 and it's kinda weird that, almost halfway into the season, there haven't been any supervillains yet; and 2) Homelander is already proving to be a bigger dick than Omni-Man, and that's saying something since Nolan's surely murdered a lot more people. 

Anyways, nothing I've seen of Homelander so far shows me that he could handle a fight against most versions of Juggernaut. 

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