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Iceman vs. Shadowcat
Iceman: 2
Shadowcat: 1

Rumble 20700 T-800 (The Terminator) vs. T-850 (Terminator)
T-800 (The Terminator): 1
T-850 (Terminator): 4

Rumble 20699 Sailor Uranus vs. Uranus (Bloody Roar)
Sailor Uranus: 3
Uranus (Bloody Roar): 0

Rumble 20698 SCP-096 vs. Cleatus  vs. Frieren
SCP-096: 1
Cleatus : 1
Frieren: 1

Feral vs. Kylun
Feral: 2
Kylun: 0

UWT III Sign-Up sheet.

Hugo Fowl

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Alright, for those who expressed an interest in the UWT III RP we have coming up eventually, place your character choices here. Also, know that we have some rules as well.


1. Your characters overall power can only be Dante level to base Street level. No cosmics, no Saiyans, etc.



2. You are free to pick a tag character in the event of one of your characters death(which can and will happen if you are not careful). This is an optional choice.


3. There will be no called hits.


4. There will be no god-modding.


5. There will be basic courtesy for all RP players.


6. Character Death will happen. There is no invincibility. There is no immortality. So play carefully, or meet him.....


7. Have fun.


Footnote: Any questions, PM me.


And now....My handles for the upcoming RP.



Main Handle: Starkiller


Tag Handle: Vin Venture


Starkiller Equipment: Mini-Medikit(6 uses), Lightsaber x 3, Sith clothing, Jedi clothing, knapsack(Capable of holding 7 items), Flask/Rations(Ten use).


Vin Venture Equipment: 1 Shoto lightsaber, Glass Daggers x 2, 1 Mistborn clothing, 2 civilian clothing, 25 vials for Burning, 1 coin bag(100 use), knapsack(7 item holding), Flask/Rations(Ten use)


Simply follow this example.



Addition: Again, be sure to write down ALL of the equipment you will have on you at the start of the RP. Also, we want Pictures as well! Show us who your characters are!

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Name: Xant

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Race: Human

Occupation: Monster Hunter

Weapons: Jade Tempest, Primal Spear

Equipment: Assorted Rounds, Various Traps, Consumables, and Bombs.

Armor: Narga X Armor

Abilities: Peak Human Attributes.

Companion: Red (Ninja Squirrel)

Companion's Abilities:

Ninja Agility: As evident in the picture. Climbing, and agile jumping, the sorts an everyday Squirrel has. Only more... ninja and is done with utmost ease.

Scavenger: Can pick up small sorts and odds, preferably materials that Xant can use in crafting supplies and so and so.

Infiltration: Smart as to being able to infiltrate enemy areas and scout out the danger level, and perhaps, gather "key" items, if size allows.

Squirrel's Danger Sense: Able to tell whether or not it is in immediate danger so it may make haste in regards of its survival and evade harm, if any.







Name: Aleksandr Gefahr

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Race: Human

Occupation: Zoid Pilot (Formerly a Lumberjack Commando)

Weapons: AR-15 assault rifle

Equipment: Shadow Fox, Defense Barrier

Armor: Military Fatigues.

Abilities: Peak Human Attributes, Martial Arts: Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Sambo, and Muay Thai.




Zoid's Weapons: Electron Bite Fangs, Strike Laser Claws

Zoid's Equipment: Optical Camouflage, 3D Radar, Smoke Discharger, Electromagnetic Net Launcher, Advanced Optics, E-Shield.

Zoid's Armor: Titanium Alloy.

Zoid's Abilities: 290 KM/H , High Jumping Power, Extreme Agility.

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I didn't know we were supposed to post powers. Here are my characters:


Main Avatar:



Name: Richard Cypher (real last name found out as Rahl)

Age: mid 20s

Race: Human

Occupation: Seeker of Truth, Lord Rahl ruler of D'Haran, formerly woods guide

Weapons: Sword of Truth (nigh indestructible. When channeled with anger turns white and can cut through almost anything. Can block certain attacks with the flat part. Gives user enhanced strength, speed and agility.

Abilities:Sword mastery, great archery skills, experienced in tracking. Can sense danger near him. Magical abilities (magical fire, magical white lightning, black lightning capable of disintegrating anything it touches, air shield that slows projectiles) although these abilities are activated on instinct and anger rather than skill. Excessive use will cause fatigue and in worse cases death.


Second Handler:



Name: Xena

Age: low 30s

Race: Human

Occupation: Traveller

Weapons: Sword, yin-yang chakram (splitable into two halves) , whip, dagger hidden between breasts.

Abilities:Superhuman strength (estimating around 5 tons), great agility, able to leap up to 30 feet, knowledge of many fighting styles including pressure points.

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Main: Sakura haruno


medical bag, weapon pouch containing your average ninja weapons


other:Cole evans


â– Growl Phone

â– Crystal Saber

â– Animal Crystals

â– Red Lion Fang

â– Lion Blaster

â– Falcon Summoner

â– Falconator

â– Animarium Armor

â– Savage Cycle

â– Wild Force Rider

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Guest tomisntblue

Main Avatar:Vergil


Equiptment: Yamato, Beowulf

Abilties: Summoned Swords, Devil Trigger, Healing factor (weakens with fatigue), Demonic Blasts, Dark Slayer Style


Tag Avatar: Lady


Equipment: Sunglasses, Kalina Ann(5 missiles, slow "reload"), Hand guns (x2), Submachine Guns (x2 W/ Bayonet Blades), various explosives (10), The King's Sword, 8 Throwing knives (20, kept on a belt)

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Guest hamtaroblazex

1st Handle


Viewtiful Joe


Age: 20's


Occupation: Sentai


Race: Human



V-Watch, 15 Shocking Pinks(Bombs) and 15 V-rangs(Boomerangs)



Sentai durability, agility, stamina, and strength(Even as average joe) VFX powers(Slow, Mach Speed, Zoom-in, and Replay)

2nd Handle


Big Boss(Naked Snake)


Age: Late 30's-Early 40's


Occupation: Mercernary


Race: Human



1 Survival Knife

Mk.22 "Hush-Puppy"(30 darts)

M1911A1(3 extra magazines(10 rounds each),

The Patriot(1 extra magazine (100 round clip),

Mk.17(3 box magazines(20 rounds each)

A week worth of Rations

5 claymores



Master of CQC, Master Marksmen, Expert Tactitian, Peak Human Abilities, Master of Stealth

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Jason Voorhees

Equipment: Machete, (The clothes he wore in FVJ), speargun, axe, pickaxe, hockey mask, and pitchfork. Also, does Freddy count as equipment?


Abilties: (Without Freddy), Super strength, and super endurance, with Freddy: Healing, can run, can throw people around with the magic, and Freddy can make a clone of his body, to help Jason out.





Oh, and Tom, you think you can *heh, PM G4 about the whole Jason/Winry thing I have going on, and see if he can incorperate that with me




Equipment: Soul Edge's eye, which powers him. Any other weapon that he copies off an opponent.

Abiltes: Can reform from anything, and can only be killed, if his eye runs out of magic, to keep his body alive, and can copy a opponent's weapon.



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Guest tomisntblue
Jason Voorhees

Equipment: Machete, (The clothes he wore in FVJ), speargun, axe, pickaxe, hockey mask, and pitchfork. Also, does Freddy count as equipment?


Abilties: (Without Freddy), Super strength, and super endurance, with Freddy: Healing, can run, can throw people around with the magic, and Freddy can make a clone of his body, to help Jason out.





Oh, and Tom, you think you can *heh, PM G4 about the whole Jason/Winry thing I have going on, and see if he can incorperate that with me.


ND, I think you should discuss it with him. After all, you know more about it than I do.

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Main Avatar: Rock Lee rocklee.jpg

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Occupation: Ninja

Equipment: Backpack, Vist like in the pic above, Ninja tool bag like all Naruto characters have but his wearing two for the role play one on each leg. In his vist pockets Alcoholic Chocolate balls to help him take advantage of the Drunken Fist.

Weapons: Nunchucks that can interlock into a BÅ aka Japanese long staff, in Ninja tool bags and backpack Paper bombs, Kunai, Shuriken, Flash Bombs, Smoke Bombs, he also has his Tonfa in his backpack.


Double Dynamic Entry,

Drunken Fist,

Dynamic Entry,

Eight Gates,

Front Lotus,

Leaf Coiling Whirlwind,

Leaf Gale,

Leaf Great Whirlwind,

Leaf Rising Wind,

Leaf Strong Whirlwind,

Leaf Whirlwind,

Reverse Lotus,

Shadow of the Dancing Leaf,

Springtime of Youth Full Power,

Strong Fist fighting style.


Tag Avatar: Tenten TenTenLong2.jpg

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Occupation: Kunoichi (Female Ninja)

Equipment: Ninja tool bags one on each Leg. Very bag Generic Sealing Scroll like in the pic above. Backpack like Lee inside of her Backpack their are smaller Sealing Scrolls.

Weapons: BÅs, Chain Wind Staffs, FÅ«ma Shurikens, Jidandas, Kunai Grenades, Kusarigamas, Manriki-gusaris, Nunchakus, Senbons, Swords,Tonfas, exploding tags aka bombs these are all in the Scrolls. And These are in the Ninja tool bags Senbons, Paper bombs, Kunai, Shuriken, Flash Bombs, Smoke Bombs.


Dynamic Entry,

Exploding Dragon Strike,

Generic Sealing Technique,

Manipulated Tools: Heavenly Chain of Destruction,

String Reeling Technique,

Summoning: Iron Protection Wall,

Twin Rising Dragons,

Twin Rising Dragons Control.

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Guest sirmethos

Main Handle:highlander_methos_ii_by_ink2paper916-d30sr0s.jpganother picture of methos

Name: Adam Pierson(Methos)

Age: 5000+

Race: Immortal

Weapons: Ivanhoe, 1 Five-Seven, various knives.

Equipment: 40 Litre Backpack, 2 6-packs, 3 Homebrew kits,, 5 lighters, 10 packs of matches.

Armor: none

Powers: Quickening, an internal Energy that regenerates all injuries. Removed limbs can be healed by re-attaching the limb and letting the Quickening do its thing. Can only be permanently killed by Decapitation or instant Disintegration. the Quickening can also be used to enhance Strength, Speed and Reflexes, or add Electrical damage to his Sword.

Skills: i believe this quote says it best "Whatever you need: doctor, lawyer, Indian chief. I've got paperwork to cover it all.", among other things he graduated as a Major in Medicine at the University of Heidelberg in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1453. Adam/Methos has 5000+ years of experience and has skills in literally all areas.




Tag Handle:



Name: Gambit(Remy LeBeau)

Age(in 2011): Unknown

Race: Human/Mutant

Occupation: Adventurer/Thief

Weapons: Telescopic Adamantium Bo-Staff, Throwing Spikes, 20 Decks of playing cards, 2 Fairbairn-Sykes knives.

Equipment: 5 packs of cigarettes, 5 packs of cigarette paper, 5 packs of tobacco, 1 pair of dice, Rations/Flask(for 1 week).

Armor: Titanium Body Armor, Trenchcoat.

'Powers': Molecule Acceleration, Telepathic Defense, Kinetic Awareness, Enhanced Agility/Dexterity, Hypnotic Charm, Infra-Red Vision.

Skills(misc.): Certified Master Thief, Mechanic, Pilot, above Olympic Level acrobat, Multi-Lingual.

Skills(combat): Savate, 'Street Fighting', Bojutsu, Expert Markman.


Note: for a more detailed description of Gambit, go here http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index....showtopic=10996 just go down 'till you see my sig the 2nd time :(

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Guest bobisbeast





Equipment: Master Sword,Hero's Clothes, Zora Armor, Hylian Shield, Gale Boomerang, Iron Boots, Hero's Bow with 100 arrows, Hawkeye, 30 normal bombs, Double Clawshots Golden Gauntlets, 3 Bottled Fairies, 3 Red Potion, 3 Blue Potion, 3 Hot Spring Water, 3 Great Fairy's Tears 30 Fire Arrows, 30 Ice Arrows 30 Light Arrows, Mirror Shield, Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, Nayru's Love, Lens of Truth, Ocarina of Time, , Wallet with 500 Rupees, and 7 days worth of rations, a bag and quiver .








3 knives, 10 Deku nuts, 5 red and blue potions, 5 smoke bombs, chain like the one in SSBB, Harp, Sheik outfit, Zelda dress, A pack large enough to carry all items, Light Bow.

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Main Handle.


Name: War, 'Rider of the Red Horse'.

Age: Unknown.

Race: Nephilim

Occupation: Horseman of the Apocalypse, Agent of the Charred Council.

Weapons: Armageddon Blade - Sword, Vampiric regeneration [heals when injuring enemies], Chaoseater - Sword, absorbs soul energy from defeated enemies, Scythe, Mercy - Handgun, creates bullets automatically, The Tremor Gauntlet - Gauntlet, Amplifies force.


Equipment: The Abyssal Chain - Chain w. Spear, Length 30 ft, Crossblade - a 4 bladed boomerang, returns after its been thrown, The Earthcaller - Horn, Enhances sound blasted through it into a physical force, Mask of shadows - Mask, can see into a parallel dimension, Ruin - horse, flaming hoofs, fast, not very good at turning, Voidwalker - Glove, can create two linked portals.


Armor: Abyssal armor - armor, minor vampiric regeneration [heals when injuring enemies].


Powers: Blade Geyser - Slams the ground and causes Blades to sprout from the ground in a circle around him, Stoneskin - Changes his skin to stone, Immolation - Sets himself on fire without causing damage to himself, damages anybody within 3 ft, Affliction - Summons 2 serpents that attacks a target, Shadowflight - Brings forth a pair of shadowy wings that enables gliding, Chronomancer - Can slow down time for a short period of time, Chaos Form - Becaumes invulnerable and gets a strength boost for a short period of time, Summon ruin - Can summon Ruin from an alternate Dimension, Super-strength (?), Durability, Short burst of super-speed (1-2 seconds)


Skills: Superb swordsman, Superb horseman.


Second Handle.


Name: Deathstroke the Terminator(Slade Wilson)

Age(in 2011): 75

Race: Human

Occupation: Assassin, Mercenary

Weapons: 2 FN Five-seven, 1 P90, 1 AA-12, Energy Lance(made of Depleted Promethium, with a Volatile Promethium power source), 1 Promethium Bastard Sword, 30 Throwing Spikes.

Equipment: 3 Flashbangs, 3 HE Grenades, 3 WP(white phosphorus) Grenades, 2 Kilograms of C4(with 10 timers and 10 remote triggers), Rations/Flask(for 1 week).

Armor: Armor and Mask made of a mix of Kevlar, Titanium and Depleted Promethium.

'Powers': Enhanced Mind, Instantaneous Reflexes, Enhanced Strength, Speed, Stamina and Senses, Regenerative Healing Factor.

Skills: Special Forces training, Master Martial Artist, Master Strategist/Tactician, Multi-Lingual.

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Gavin Guile (The Black Prism)





Gavin Guile is in his mid 30's, most women find him attractive and he wears his red hair tied into a tight ponytail. He is dressed with an ivory shirt and a well cut pair of black woolen pants with an oversize gem-studded belt. On his back is a Black cloak with a harsh looking writing designs embroidered on it in a silver thread, and he's wearing fine black leather boots.


Gender: Male

Age: mid 30's

Race: Human

Occupation: Prism

Weapons: A Brace of master crafted Flintlock pistols w/ Under barrel bayonets

Equipment: Bag of shot [10], White Mag Flare [5], Rations [5]

Abilities: Athletic Build, Trained with swords and pistols, the ability to draft Luxim of all colours, can see every colour from IR to UV and can differentiate each colour easily.






Name: Linda-058

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 42 (looks 21 due to Good Health and Cryogenics)

Weight: 350lbs out of armour ( 1450lbs in armour)

Height: 6'10" out of armour ( 7'2" in armour)

Occupation: Spartan Commando



- Virtually unbreakable bones

- Decreased recovery time

- Increased muscle density

- Enhanced sight & night vision

- 3x faster perception of time

- 3x faster reflexes

- Extensive training, skill and talent as a Sniper

- Olympic Level Strength

- Increased ability to enter Adrenaline Rush, doubling base strength and reaction times

- Command Neural Interface implants


Armour - MJOLNIR Mk6

- Air Filtration systems, 1 Hour+ reserve air supply, environmental, thermal imagining, Motion radar, communications uplink, solar powered flashlight, imaging and video gear, temperature regulated, pressure regulated,

- Nearly impervious to small arms fire on hard sections

- Bullet proof titanium-a nano weave bodysuit

- Reactive Metal Liquid Crystal Layer, x2 base strength, x5 reaction speed

- Energy Shield systems, good for 200,000 joules

- Automatic Biofoam injectors automatically treat wounds

- Fusion Reactor provides limitless energy to run the suit

- Force-Multiplying Circuits further amplify speed and strength

- Reactive Circuits convert thought directly to movement increasing reaction time

- Lock-Down System freezes the joints of the armour to prevent injury in high speed impacts.

- A.I housing with Computer memory weave under armour



Primary Weapon - Sniper Rifle System 99D-S2 Anti-Matériel

w/ 4 extra magazines & flash and sound suppressors


Secondary Weapon - BR55HB SR Battle Rifle

w/ 4 extra magazines


Reserve Weapon - M6D/SOCOM Pistol

w/4 extra magazines


Accessory Weapon - Combat Knife




120L Extended Mission Modular Rucksack (Breaks down into four 30L bags), Smart AI, Field Medical Scanner, Panic Button , 5 Flares (Red), Package 2mx2m blanket, Water Reclamation unit, 5 Refillable 1L water bag containers, 20 Ration Packs, 1 Case of 14.5x114mm rounds(108rounds), 4 cartons of 12.7x40mm M225 SAP-HE (50rounds/carton), 4 cartons of 9.5x40mm M634 X-HP-SAP (50rounds/carton), 1 Disposable Biofoam Injector, 1 Med-Kit

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Guest tomisntblue
Second Handle.


Name: Victor Creed aka Sabretooth (Age of Apocalypse version)


Someone already signed up as Sabretooth. I know this is a different version, but I don't know how good it will be to have the same character.

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Name: Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099)

Age: mid twenties

Race: Human, Genetically altered

Occupation: Former geneticist at Alchemax, current Freedom Fighter

Weapons: Poison-tipped fangs and talons

Equipment: rations x10

Armor: Costume is made of unstable molecules, and has been known to take the brunt of gunshots.

Powers: Proportionate strength, speed and agility of a spider (Can lift over 10 tonnes and can easily dodge machine gun fire), enchanced "telescopic vision", night vision, enchanced metabolism, razor-sharp talons on tips of fingers that allow him to adhere to surfaces (Can also be used as a slashing weapon), fangs that deliver a paralyzing poison that incapacitates enemies

Skills: Genius-level intelligence, unique fighting style that makes full use of strength, speed and agility







Name: Ash J. Williams

Age: 36

Race: Human

Occupation: The Chosen One

Weapons: Ash's chainsaw-hand, Ash's boomstick (x2), combat knife (x2), speargun

Armor: Riot armour

Powers: Ash has no superhuman powers, though he does have a bionic hand that gives him peak human strength with that arm (Capable of hurting Spider-Man). He also has a chainsaw that he can attach to the place where his real hand should be (It was cut off).

Skills: Ash is a formidable hand to hand fighter, and has the physical conditioning of a man who engages in regular intense exercise.

Equipment: Rations x10, ammunition, spears, tankards of chainsaw gas (x10), cell phone

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Guest KevinDWolf93

Main handle: RJ(Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger)

117cover.jpg JF Wolf ranger suit/ RJ in Order of Claw gi.


eppic29.jpgAnimal Spirit, full power/out of control.



equipment:Wolf Morpher(pictured;doubles as blaster), Wolf Ranger suit, wolf animal spirit,Wolf-Pride Megazord, street clothes(x2 pair), Order of the Claw gi(pictured), enough food ingrediants for 10 large pizzas w/ toppings


Tag Character: Captain Jack Sparrow



equipment: cutlass sword, pirate clothes, hat, boot knife, flintlock(x7 with 35 extra shots of powder), blunderbuss(with 10 extra shots), musket(with 10 extra shots)compass, full bottle of rum(x4), grenados(x10), full satchel of gold(for bargaining :/)

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Main character: Lucy Heartphilia




Age: 17

Race: Human

Occupation: Member of the Guild fairytail

Weapons: Fleuve d'�toiles (an extending whip

other equipment: Zodiac keys for summoning the spirits Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, cancer, virgo, scorpio, Gemini, Aries, saggitarius, horoglium, Crux, Lyra, and plue (link to wiki). clothing, road rations for 1 week, canteen w/water, latest issue of Sorcerer weekly, 600 jewels (as in a currency, not the precious stones), gale reading glasses (allows her to read at an extremely fast rate)

Powers: able to summon various spirits from the spirit realm



EDITED: Gah, Don't hit me! I have trouble making decisions, ok?


Tag handle: Freed Justine




race: human

occupation: fairy tail wizard

weapons: Rapier, dagger

other equipment: Clothes, 2 weeks rations, 800 jewels, pen, journal

Powers: Rune magic

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Guest sirmethos
Someone already signed up as Sabretooth. I know this is a different version, but I don't know how good it will be to have the same character.


already talked to Hugo about that, and me and Kain talked about it before he picked AoA-Sabretooth.

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Ok I will join again


Harry Mason


Gender: Male

Age: 32

Race: Human(Well in the first game and three game)

Occupation:Writer and a loving father

Weapons: Katana, Chainsaw, shotgun

Abilities: parkour, crazy stamina(he runs forever), weapon skills, Withstand Insanity

Isaac Clarke


Gender: Male

Age: Unknown(maybe mid 30s)

Race: Human

Occupation: Engineering and Ship Systems Specialist (Got from a wikia)

Weapons: IM-822 Handheld Ore Cutter Line Gun, 211-V Plasma Cutter, C99 Supercollider Contact Beam, and Javelin Gun. Advanced Hazard Engineer

Abilities: Engineering skills, Stasis

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Equipment: Soul Edge's eye, which powers him. Any other weapon that he copies off an opponent.

Abiltes: Can reform from anything, and can only be killed, if his eye runs out of magic, to keep his body alive, and can copy a opponent's weapon.




How is he here? He died by Dante's hand...



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