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Rumble 20644 A-Wing Starfighter vs. ARC 170 vs. Enterprise-E
A-Wing Starfighter: 0
ARC 170: 0
Enterprise-E: 6

Imhotep vs. Ahmanet
Imhotep: 7
Ahmanet: 0

Banjo and Kazooie vs. Crash Bandicoot
Banjo and Kazooie: 2
Crash Bandicoot: 3

Blink vs. Pixie
Blink: 1
Pixie: 5

Banshee vs. Cannonball
Banshee: 2
Cannonball: 4

Match 20655 Slippery Shark vs. Grumble Bee

Venom 2009

You Be The Judge
Vote for who you would think would win

Slippery Shark

Grumble Bee

Rate the Set-Up
This is a rated match.
Please read the set-up and give your rating to it.
You are scoring for good creative writing.

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I am Lord Zedd: Part 3


So, I’m sure you all know by now that I’m Venom 2009, and that I’m in the body of Lord Zedd. I was on the Moon, as I watched Grumble Bee and Slippery Shark fight the four Moon Rock Aliens. I have to say it was exciting. It's not every day you get to watch real-life monster fights. I was pleased when my monsters killed the giant spiders. Grumble Bee and Slippery Shark are walking towards me, before they bow down to me.

“The vermin have been taken care of - All mighty, Lord Zedd.” Grumble Bee said.

"What would you like for us to do next?" Slippery Shark asked me.

And here is something I didn’t think about. What was I going to do with them? I know there were times when the Power Rangers didn’t destroy a monster. So, what would Rita or Lord Zedd do with it? Maybe I should send Grumble Bee and Slippery Shark to attack the Earth. Hold on, why did I think of that!? I don’t want to attack the Earth. Or do I? No, I shouldn’t.

But speaking of the Earth. If I was in Season 2 of Power Rangers, then did that mean, I was also back in the past? I used my Telescopic Vision to take a look at the state of the Earth. To my shock, I was indeed back in the past.

1994 to be exact.

I saw all sorts of things: Audi 80 Cars. Red Lobster. Kmart. CRT TVs. VCRs. VHS-Tapes. LaserDiscs. Blockbuster. KB Toys. Sega Genesis. Super Nintendo. IBM Aptiva Computers. Fox Kids. MST3K airing on Comedy Central. Cartoon Network was showing classic cartoons. The Lion King playing in theaters. The World Trade Center. And you can guess, who I saw in the White House.

This Earth was similar to mine, and in due time, it will become crappy like mine. But maybe I can change that. With Lord Zedd’s powers and my knowledge of the future, I could stop certain events from happening. Stop this Earth from following the same path as mine. I could make this world a better place. No more wars. No more hunger. I could make it happen. But do I have the right to do that? I would need to conquer the Earth. But that would be wrong. Wouldn’t it?

“Uh... Lord Zedd? What are your orders?” Grumble Bee asked me.

I was brought back to reality as I remembered the two monsters that were kneeling before me. Soon a sinister idea came into my mind. I don’t know why, but I wanted it to happen.

“I want you two to fight each other.” I told my monsters.

Both Slippery Shark and Grumble Bee stood up in shock. “WHAT?!” Slippery Shark yelled.

“You heard me. I want you two to fight each other. And just for fun, make it to the death.” I told them.

“But why?” Grumble Bee asked.

“Do I need to explain everything?! I’m Lord Zedd! I’m ordering you monsters to fight to the death. If you two don’t fight, then I’ll destroy you both myself!” I yelled at them.

I turned away from Grumble Bee and Slippery Shark, and I used the Z-Staff to fire a bolt of lightning onto the ground. Soon a couch had appeared before me. I walked over to the couch and sat down.

“You two may fight when ready.” I told the monsters.

Grumble Bee and Slippery Shark looked at each other. “Well, he’s the boss.” Grumble Bee said.

“Yeah, no hard feelings.” Slippery Shark said.

As I watched Grumble Bee and Slippery Shark fight each other, thoughts of taking over the Earth were rolling in my mind.


So, here is the next part to my arc. A fight between monsters from Power Rangers. I will post videos of Grumble Bee and Slippery Shark under the Callisto Post.

I hope everyone will enjoy this match. Who do you think will win?

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