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Rumble 20600 Elodie vs. The Princess (2022 Film)
Elodie: 4
The Princess (2022 Film): 3

Rumble 20599 Tom Cat vs. Death Angel (A Quiet Place)
Tom Cat: 2
Death Angels (A Quiet Place): 0

Wolverine vs. Multiple Man
Wolverine: 3
Multiple Man: 4

Tournament - Captain James Tiberius Kirk vs. Viceroy Nute Gunray
Captain James Tiberius Kirk: 6
Viceroy Nute Gunray: 3

M.A.S.K. vs. Menasor
M.A.S.K.: 3
Menasor: 2

Rumble 20525 Powerglide vs. Nemesis (Transformers) vs. Wat

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Powerglide and Nemesis have beef with one another and go down to fight on a planet. Unknown to them Wat is there and intends to attack both. 

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While I'd be rooting for Powerglide, he stands no chance against a Decepticon warship all on his own. And I don't know much about Ghostbusters outside of the films. But from what I'm seeing, it doesn't seem like Wat has anything that he could do that could take down the Nemesis. Unless Wat has some crazy feat that I'm completely unaware of.

My vote goes to the Nemesis.

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Wat is a Gozer level spirit so it could destroy the Nemesis. I would bet that the Nemesis is able to destroy Wat if the Decepticons knew what they were up against. Whateverthecase Powerglide is doomed.

I'm going with Wat. (that episode scared me)

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