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Yokai (Big Hero 6) vs. Syndrome (Buddy Pine)
Yokai (Big Hero 6): 1
Syndrome (Buddy Pine): 7

Rumble 20504 Crossbreeds (Blood And Honey) vs. Dr. Buddy Rydell vs. Zeku
Crossbreeds (Blood And Honey): 1
Dr. Buddy Rydell: 1
Zeku: 1

Xicor (Zaiko) vs. The Dragon Ball Universe
Xicor (Zaiko): 0
The Dragon Ball Universe: 6

Rumble 20499 Evil-Lyn vs. The Invisible Woman
Evil-Lyn: 0
The Invisible Woman: 3

Gamora vs. The Arbiter
Gamora: 3
The Arbiter: 0

Match 20490 Fox (Wanted) vs. Jessica Priest

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Chapter 24: Hell Hath No Fury Like an Assassin's Scorn


Shortly after meeting with Homelander, the Director of ARGUS knew that she had to take additional precautions for the relics that were uncovered in Egypt. While she had multiple teams of specialists working on the books that were recovered from deep beneath the sand, they were nowhere close to uncovering the secrets held within them. To prevent these ancient books from falling into the hands of her adversaries, she started to contemplate what her next move could be. After contacting one of her subordinates at ARGUS to search for operatives in the area, she was given a name. Before getting back in her car, the Director of ARGUS looked over the information that was sent to her phone. She scoffed and sighed while rubbing her hand against her face. The name of the operative in the area was Jessica Priest. While Priest proved to be an asset for some of Waller's more questionable operations, she also displayed sadistic personality traits.


With much disdain, Waller dialed the number to Jessica Priest. She soon remembered that Priest was already on a mission to take out a potential threat at a secured compound. Despite Priest already having an assignment, Amanda knew that she was the closest person to the ARGUS facility in Egypt. While Priest would be no match for Juggernaut or this other unknown enemy, she could at least get the books before they arrived. The phone rang for several minutes while Waller squeezed into the back of her car. She nodded at the driver to proceed forward while the Director of ARGUS leaned back against her seat. It took a while before she heard Priest answer the call. Waller could hear something the background and realized that Priest was in the middle of a job. Waller shook her head once she heard the loud laughter of Jessica Priest followed by rapid gun fire. It took several moments before everything went quiet. She then heard Priest take a couple deep breaths before acknowledging Amanda Waller.


"It is a little early to be contacting me, Waller. You just sent me this assignment." Jessica Priest muttered. 


"I have a new assignment for you." Amanda responded coldly.


"Huh, I hope it is somewhere with a view." Priest joked followed by the sound of gun fire.


"I am sending you the information now. It is a simple mission but time sensitive. You will be retrieving a couple items from a nearby ARGUS facility." Waller responded.


"Sounds boring and a little beneath me." Priest scoffed.


"You are the closest asset that we have. These are your orders." Waller replied.


"Since I am being pulled off this current job, my usual rate will be a bit higher." Priest said.


"You'll get your money, but just get it done!" Waller growled.


"Sure thing, Waller!" Priest chuckled.


 After the call disconnected, Jessica looked over the bodies of the men that she had taken out. While looking at the barricaded building that her original target was locked inside of, the sadistic assassin blew a kiss before walking away. As she was walking away, Jessica reached into a pouch and pulled out a cigarette. She lit up the cigarette and placed it between her bright red lips. The assassin left a trail of bodies behind as she left the area. Once she got back to her humvee, the assassin threw the cigarette butt on the ground. She glanced back at the battle zone and smirked once she saw the rising smoke that filled the skies above. Priest got into the vehicle and sped away. She plugged the coordinates into her GPS and looked over the details of the mission. Priest shook her head in annoyance once she realized that all she would be doing was retrieving a couple ancient books from the facility. While Waller emphasized the importance of the mission and that time was of the essence, Priest still felt that this was beneath her. 


Once she pulled up to the compound, she looked over the facility with disgust. The appearance of a power plant was not subtle as this facility was literally in the middle of the dessert. Priest stepped out of her humvee and was met by multiple ARGUS personnel. The trained assassin showed her identification and was led through the facility. She could tell that with all the armed individuals, this facility must have contained some vital secrets that Waller held close to her chest. Priest was led into a room deep beneath the facility itself. The air was still, and the temperature dropped considerably once she entered the room. There were statues and artifacts lined up through the room with different machines analyzing each one. The assassin then saw a man scurrying around a table. Jessica took out a cigarette and placed it between her lips. She lit up the cigarette before approaching the table. Sitting upon the table, she saw what appeared to be two books. One was a black book made of pure obsidian while the other was covered in gold. In between the two books laid a small box. Before she could step closer toward the books, she heard the frantic yells of the scurrying man.


"Put that out!" He demanded while pointing at the cigarette in Jessica's mouth.


"The last person that told me to put out my cigarette, I skinned them alive." Jessica replied while taking a puff from her cigarette.


"These books are highly valuable objects as old as the great pyramids, perhaps even older. They cannot be contaminated with those disgusting things!" The man yelled with piercing eyes.


"Very well." Jessica smiled while dropping the cigarette on the ground beneath her. She stepped on the butt of the cigarette while giving a devilish smile at the man. "Are you ready to get out of here, doc?" 


"No! No, there is too much to do! These books do not need to leave this place, these grounds are sacred. Waller should know this! She should know that these books are not supposed to leave these grounds!" The man said while walking around frantically once again.


"Look, I have my orders to get these books out of here. Now, I can shoot you in the kneecaps and take them, or you can help!" Jessica replied.


"This land is sacred. I don't think it is wise to take them away from this place!" The man muttered. "No living being of this world is worthy enough to take these books from this land."


"Unfortunately, I've heard that the thing that is coming may not even be from this world. Consider this a final warning. Either you help me get these books and that little box thing out of here, or I will hurt you really, really bad." Jessica replied with a smile.


"Very well." The man said as he took out a container. He gently placed the books in the container along with the puzzle box. 


His hands shook as he handed the case to the assassin. Jessica smiled as she looked down at the case. She was slightly curious why these books were so vital to Amanda Waller but as long as she got paid, she was not going to ask too many questions. Jessica reached down toward her holster and took out her pistol. She aimed it at the man. The frantic man stumbled back as he raised his hands up in the air.


"Wh... What are you doing?" The man stuttered.


"You annoyed me." Jessica smiled before squeezing the trigger back. 


The bullet pierced through the man's throat. He immediately dropped to the ground and started squirming around. Jessica started to giggle while she watched him struggling for life. She then looked at her watch and sighed. The sadistic assassin rolled her eyes and looked down at the ARGUS researcher.


"I'd love to stay, but I got a mission to complete." Jessica said before leaving the researcher there to bleed out. 


Jessica Priest left the facility and placed the container in the back of her humvee. She sped off into the dessert with a trail of dust and sand behind her. On a tablet that was connected to her humvee, she received an alert. The assassin pressed the screen and saw that the facility was being attacked. With the books safely in her possession and far away from the attack, a demented smile formed over Jessica's bright red lips. Waller had given her orders to take the books to a museum in London. The assassin started to make arrangements to head to the London while speeding through the dessert. 


Battered and beaten,


The leader of the Seven had never taken this much pain in his entire life. Despite his best efforts, nothing worked against the Juggernaut. Marko was far stronger than anything or anyone Homelander had ever faced. All Homelander's attacked appeared to bounce off Cain Marko without any effect. The Supe unleashed a powerful blast from his eyes and Juggernaut simply laughed as he grabbed Homelander and threw him through several walls of the ARGUS facility. The leader of the Seven struggled to get to his feet. Before he could regain his composure, the Juggernaut unleashed a powerful blow against the top of Homelander's head. The facility shook and the ground cracked beneath the Super as he fell to his knees. Marko then unleashed a series of powerful punches that caused the leader of the Seven sink into the ground. Homelander cried and screamed as Juggernaut continued his devastating attacks. Tears ran down the cheeks of the humiliated Supe as he started to sob. Through the humiliation, the leader of the Seven started to search for a way to escape from the Juggernaut’s wrath. 


Homelander unleashed as much power as he could muster from his eyes. After blowing a hole into the ceiling, the leader of the Seven flew as fast as he could away from the Juggernaut. Marko laughed as he watched the Supe fly away in complete terror. The Juggernaut smashed through a wall and made his way down into the lower levels of the ARGUS facility. Once he arrived in the lower level, he found himself surrounded by ancient artifacts. He then saw Durge in the corner of his eyes. Marko sauntered past the artifacts and walked up to Durge. They saw a lifeless body in a pool of blood. Juggernaut looked around then gave a piercing glare at the bounty hunter.


"Where are the books?" Juggernaut asked.


"Not here." Durge replied while lifting his arm. He pressed a couple buttons on his wrist computer. A message was sent to Grand Admiral Thrawn. "Someone must have taken them before we arrived." Durge growled while staring at something on the ground.


The bounty hunter leaned down to pick up the cigarette butt that Jessica Priest was smoking earlier. He saw the stain of lipstick covering the cigarette butt. The bounty hunter then received a message from the Grand Admiral. While he was expecting orders to track down the books, he was surprised that Thrawn ordered them to stand down. Durge looked over at Marko and shook his head. Thrawn advised them to be leave the facility and await further orders. 




Luthor waited until Thrawn finished sending the transmission to the powerful beings. Unsure of what the Chiss had planned he stood up and sauntered over toward a cabinet that had an assortment of drinks. The billionaire poured himself a glass of a strong liquor before walking over toward the Chiss Imperial.


"Why did you have them stand down?" Lex asked as his dark eyes glared into Thrawn's red eyes.


"I want to see what this Amanda Waller is going to do. Durge attacked her prison and then this facility in Egypt. Rather than calling in the full force of their military or one of these teams of superheroes, she sends this Homelander to confront the Juggernaut. The books were taken away before their arrival but not by a large military force. It appears to have been taken by a small group or rather a single individual. The facility was not even evacuated which may signify that she did not want too many questions to be asked."  Thrawn replied.


"You figured she was going to move the books before Durge and Juggernaut arrived?" Lex said while shaking his head. "Why did you not send word to Durge and Juggernaut beforehand."


"I know that those two will be able to get away from Egypt without any issues. This is more of a test for a new recruit that I have in mind." Thrawn said with widened red eyes.


"Who?" Lex asked.


"A human assassin by the name of Fox. Her profile is extensive and what interests me is the mention that she can curve a bullet." Thrawn replied while looking over a transmission that he had sent earlier. "I have already sent her the mission to retrieve the books."


Back on Earth,


After completing a complex assignment, Fox found herself back in one of her apartments in England. At first, she thought she could take some time for herself. It was early in the morning and the assassin had heated up a pot of coffee while turning on the television. Fox watched in the corner of her eyes while reports came in surrounding the death of the mob boss that she had taken out the night before. The assassin took a sip of her coffee before sitting down in front of her computer. Before she could plan out her day of relaxation, she noticed an unusual alert on her computer. Knowing the security that she had built into her computer, Fox decided to see what the message had entailed. The assassin sighed once she realized that it was for a job. Fox leaned back in her chair and bit down on her lip. While reluctant at first, she saw the job was paying out more than all her previous of couple assignments combined.


With much curiosity, the assassin figured that the assignment would entail taking out a significant political leader or a warlord. While looking over the details, she found herself surprised by the details of the job. It was not an assassination but rather a retrieval of a couple ancient artifacts. Fox leaned back in her chair for a moment and rubbed her hand against her face. She took a small sip from her coffee and leaned forward to look over the details of the mission once again. Fox saw that these artifacts were stolen by a government operative out of Egypt and that Intel pointed to her taking the ancient items to London. The deadly assassin smiled as she believed that this could be a simple job in which the reward would be greater than most she had come across. After finishing reading the assignment details, she accepted the mission. 


Once she headed to the location in London, the assassin found herself outside a large museum. Fox looked over the architecture of the building and gazed upon the statues. While looking over the building, she made a mental note of the numbers of windows and exits. She then drove around the building. Fox was able to disable the power to the museum while she prepared herself to enter the building. She gathered her weapons and gear from the trunk of her car. The assassin snuck into the museum and used a tracker to move deeper into the building. There was a gala being held that night in the lower level. While the gala was taking place, Fox was able to break into the secured area where the books were being held. After knocking out a couple of the guards, Fox looked over the ancient books. Her brown eyes gazed upon the gold and black books as well as a small box. She quickly slid the books and the strange small box into a case and put them into a bag. As Fox was making her way out of the museum and over the gala, she heard the alarms starting to sound.


Suddenly, a woman standing over a balcony with two machine guns started shooting off over the crowds. Fox slid for cover and immediately drew one of her weapons. Lights started flashing on and off as she heard the party goers scream from down below. She then heard the voice of the deranged woman that had held the machine guns. 


"Is that you, Fox?!" Jessica Priest screamed out while starting to chuckle.


"Jessica Priest? I didn't know you were working as a security guard!" Fox yelled while holstering her pistol. The assassin then steadily pulled out a machine gun and glanced around at her surroundings.


"What can I say? I just love old relics. So, why don't you do us both a favor and come out so I can kill you quickly. I'm ready to call it a night!" Priest screamed while shooting in Fox's direction.


"I'm going to walk out that front door but not before putting a bullet between your eyes." Fox said with a smile while she became familiar with her surroundings.


"You don't have the guts to kill me!" Jessica Priest hissed.




The battle takes place in a ballroom of a museum. There are several innocent bystanders that were attending a gala that are also trying to escape the chaos. 


Jessica Priest has two machine guns and a small pistol concealed to her thigh.


Fox has a machine gun, pistol, and a sawed-off double barrel shotgun.

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I think Jessica probably wins, she regularly holds her own against hell-spawns, demons and other kinds of horror that are at minimum one tier below Spawn himself. Fox in the film has only handled street level mooks so I don’t see her lasting long.

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15 hours ago, Pizza Guy said:

I think Jessica probably wins, she regularly holds her own against hell-spawns, demons and other kinds of horror that are at minimum one tier below Spawn himself. Fox in the film has only handled street level mooks so I don’t see her lasting long.


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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - Fox
5.00 - Pizza Guy
4.40 - broadwaybeyonder

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
14.40 Total Combined Score
14.40 / 3 = 4.80 Final Rating on the match

Fox (Wanted): 2
Jessica Priest: 4

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