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Yokai (Big Hero 6) vs. Syndrome (Buddy Pine)
Yokai (Big Hero 6): 1
Syndrome (Buddy Pine): 7

Rumble 20504 Crossbreeds (Blood And Honey) vs. Dr. Buddy Rydell vs. Zeku
Crossbreeds (Blood And Honey): 1
Dr. Buddy Rydell: 1
Zeku: 1

Xicor (Zaiko) vs. The Dragon Ball Universe
Xicor (Zaiko): 0
The Dragon Ball Universe: 6

Rumble 20499 Evil-Lyn vs. The Invisible Woman
Evil-Lyn: 0
The Invisible Woman: 3

Gamora vs. The Arbiter
Gamora: 3
The Arbiter: 0

Rumble 20480 Critters and Gremlins vs. Grid Alien and Chopper Predator

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Team 1 is being used as somewhat of a cleanup crew by a secret government agency to rid the predator pyramid of Team 2. Left with no other option to keep their species' alive, they strangely help one another. The Grid Alien will protect unhatched eggs that are in the sacrificial chamber. Chopper will be securing all other main chambers in the meantime. The government officials green light the mission and begin releasing hordes of Team 1 who have been withheld from food. 250 to 300 of each viscous monster will be released to "in theory" overwhelm the threats. 

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