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Yokai (Big Hero 6) vs. Syndrome (Buddy Pine)
Yokai (Big Hero 6): 1
Syndrome (Buddy Pine): 7

Rumble 20504 Crossbreeds (Blood And Honey) vs. Dr. Buddy Rydell vs. Zeku
Crossbreeds (Blood And Honey): 1
Dr. Buddy Rydell: 1
Zeku: 1

Xicor (Zaiko) vs. The Dragon Ball Universe
Xicor (Zaiko): 0
The Dragon Ball Universe: 6

Rumble 20499 Evil-Lyn vs. The Invisible Woman
Evil-Lyn: 0
The Invisible Woman: 3

Gamora vs. The Arbiter
Gamora: 3
The Arbiter: 0

Match 20477 Odo vs. Jem'Hadar

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Megastory 8.9

Alliance of Evil


Previously: As members of the Alliance of Evil, the Dominators conquered the Dominion bringing their resources to the Alliance of Evil. There was a small faction of Triceratons lead by Traximus that rebelled against the Alliance. They were discovered and attacked by the Jem’Hedar.



The Jem’Hedar came prepared. They knew that they couldn’t match the Triceratons’ strength so they utilized plenty of their superior weaponry to keep the battle distant.

Even so, the Tricereatons fought for their lives. But every time they seemed to get the upperhand, another wave of Jem’Hedar came in. Soon the Triceratons realized that they weren’t going to get out of this.

“Traximus!” one of the others called out. “You’re the most important of us! You must escape!”

“No!” Traxumus objected.

“Surely there are others! You can find them and continue the fight!”

“I will not abandon my brotherin!”

“You are not! You continuing the fight! If all of us fall here Tricereatons will forever be cannon fodder for the Alliance of Evil!”

As they argued, another wave of Jem’Hedar swarmed in. But something was odd about their strategies. This group dressed a bit differently and they didn’t seem interested in attacking the Triceratons. This new group was actually turning their weapons on the other Jem’Hedar.

Jumping on the turn of events, the Triceratons rallied and eliminated all enemies.

Now came the time for explanations.

The alternately dressed Jem’Hedar stood at rest, showing that they were not a threat. Traximus’ people were leery of them and kept on alert for betrayal. Soon a puddle, a literal puddle, trickled into the room. Raising from it, out of it, morphingly, the puddle became a humanoid figure. As it solidified- a face, cloths all of this- shaped.

“My name is Odo. I am a Founder of The Dominion.”

“The changelings that lorded over the Dominion.” Traximus understood. “Before the Dominators took over.”

“Very accurate.” Odo nodded. “Myself and these soldiers are unsatisfied with the Dominators. We had heard of some Triceratons who felt the same way about the Alliance of Evil as a whole.”

“We do.” Traximus confirmed.

“Then it makes sense that we should join forces.” Odo proposed.

With that, the rebellion started.

Odo took Traximus and the surviving Triceratons with him and his Jem’Hedar to an asteroid hideout in Dominion controlled space.

“I pray we didn’t get your hopes up.” he was saying to Odo as they toured the place. A resistance we may be but there is little we can do even with you joining us. I have reached out for help from unlikely sources. We’re hear just awaiting an answer.”

“The Alliance of Evil is not invincible.” Traximus chided him. “I have seen them defeated.”

“As have I.” Odo admitted. “But I guarantee you, we few may interrupt an operation or two and it will result in our total destruction. Strong powers must be brought it to make a real difference.”

At that moment a solider came with with a report.

“Founder.” He kept his head bowed, not even looking at Odo. “Our intelligence has panned out.”

Odo turned to Traximus. “It seems we have a gift to offer as we defect. Valueable intelligence on the Alliance of Evil’s plans. We’ll present this as a show of good token.”

“Defecting to whom?” Asked Traximus.

“Those who can fight the Alliance of Evil.” Odo said dryly. “We were about to go and meet with them when we came to get you.”

“What is the information?” Traximus asked.

“A list of possible recruits. I don’t know these entities but I’m sure they are incredibly dangerous. Should someone interrupt the negotiations, The Alliance of Evil would be dealt a disappointing loss.”

“And that is where you’re treachery ends.” a solider stepped out of line.

Odo frowned at him. “I had hoped that my suspicions of you weren’t true.”

“I was sent as a spy. The founders knew of your misgivings. Now that I’ve learned the extent of your betrayal I will stomach it no longer!”

“Then you’ve sealed your fate.” Odo responded. “You should have left to report back before now.”

The other Jem’Hedar began to raise their weapons.

“No!” Odo bellowed. “I will not have you slaughter one another a second time in as few hours. Go ahead all of you. I will deal with this and then catch up.”

As the others began to move away to the transport vessel Odo faced off with his enemy.

The Jem’Hedar snarled. “You are overconfident Founder. I do not stand alone.”

Two other Jem’Hedar soldiers came to stand with the first.



Fight Parameters:


Odo must fight his way through three Jem’Hadar and make it to the ship before it leaves.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - Boratz

FPA Calculation:
1 Total Votes cast
5.00 Total Combined Score
5.00 / 1 = 5.00 Final Rating on the match

Odo: 2
Jem'Hadar: 1

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