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Iceman vs. Shadowcat
Iceman: 2
Shadowcat: 1

Rumble 20700 T-800 (The Terminator) vs. T-850 (Terminator)
T-800 (The Terminator): 1
T-850 (Terminator): 4

Rumble 20699 Sailor Uranus vs. Uranus (Bloody Roar)
Sailor Uranus: 3
Uranus (Bloody Roar): 0

Rumble 20698 SCP-096 vs. Cleatus  vs. Frieren
SCP-096: 1
Cleatus : 1
Frieren: 1

Feral vs. Kylun
Feral: 2
Kylun: 0

Infinity Crisis: The Cybermen Conspiracy


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Originally published elsewhere on May 16th, 2002.

Disclaimer: Characters are owned by their respective owners and creators.

Author's Notes:

This one I could not resist doing. This isn't the Illuminati one shot I promised, it's still coming though. But this one I wanted to do, a quick little one shot.

And a special thank you to Ben2Dartmouth!

Hope you enjoy!


The year had been eventful to say the least. For ten year old Arnold Shortman, he not only saved his own neighborhood from being torn down by a maniacal businessman over a centuries old grudge to not only finding his lost parents at last but he and his friends had saved an entire civilization in San Lorenzo.

And afterwards, his parents were now living in the same boarding house he always lived in with his grandparents and the other tenants.

It felt unreal to him. Arnold was so used to waking up and seeing his parents were not there. And yet, they were still here.

Other changes happened during that time of course. Helga was now his girlfriend. At least privately. She had to keep up appearances calling him football head still and the like.

Helga was not ready to admit it in public just yet. But Arnold had faith that someday she will. But Arnold was happy for his friend Gerald as he and Helga's friend Phoebe had become a couple and were not afraid to show it. And even he noticed Helga was happy for Phoebe.


Much of the other kids he noticed were shocked. Harold, Sid and Stinky in particular seemed blindsided in particular. But much of them just were still their same selves. Though Rhonda was still not happy about the misadventure she went through.

But Arnold could not get any happier. At long last, one chapter in his life closed now that he was reunited with his parents, Miles and Stella.

Miles and Stella were always eager to hear what their own son had been up to. Some ways they were amazed but also worried. Had a couple of questions about meeting a secret agent in order to save their neighborhood.

His parents wanted to be there for him every waking moment. Sometimes he was embarrassed, being parents and all, and they did miss out a lot.

But through and through, Arnold did not want it any other way.

It was another day at PS 118. It was recess. And Harold was telling kids what he saw on a Supernatural themed show that past Tuesday on the Rox Network. An episode dedicated to UFOs and among the stories was an incident in 1953 in Louisville, Kentucky about a family encountering "Metal Men" and were never seen again after that night.

Arnold did not believe it at first but did think back to the likes of Big Caesar. But figured it would be just a coincidence.

Gerald mentioned he was quite familiar with the Metal Men. Only except they were called Cybermen. And Arnold knew full well that Gerald was an excellent storyteller of urban legends.

"Take it away, Gerald." Sid said.

"The Legend of the Cybermen." Gerald began to tell the tale in his usual mode of theatrics. "You've heard of little green men, these were metal men the size of the average human. Some say they came from a twin planet of Earth that was knocked off its orbit. Some even say there's a faction that came from an alternate universe.

But one thing's for certain, the Cybermen are not only your usual 'take over the Earth' deal but they also want to turn everyone into a Cyberman. Because if you resist, it's Annihilation for you! And the Cybermen can be anywhere and strike at any time when you don't know it.

The only one who ever stopped their plans of world domination is a stranger known only as The Doctor. No one knows who the Doctor is but whenever the Cybermen are around, always count on The Doctor to stop them!

One thing's for sure though, The Cybermen always plot and scheme and it's only a matter of time before they begin their invasion. The end!"

The kids clapped, applauding the way he told the story. Gerald bowed, always appreciating the applause.

'Some things never change.' Arnold thought to himself, smiling.

One thing he felt unresolved however; whatever happened to Mr. Smith?


A gray haired old man in a dark suit looked at a photo of Arnold, his grandparents and the boarding house tenants that contained the caption, "My family."

It was held up by tape after the boarding house tenants had been aggressive about his mysterious packages which all turned out to be just mementos. The second package was sent by River Song of all people, unaware he had regenerated, that contained a photo album of his companions.

The Doctor had been tempted to call the boarding tenants pudding brained farts directly to their faces-ditching the charade of being silent and unseen entirely to express his annoyance. But could not bring himself to it.

The Doctor simply liked the people there. Even Oskar. But Arnold gave him something to think about. His actions, his general kindness. Perhaps for his next incarnation, he should take the child's persistence of kindness to heart.

Though The Doctor liked Abner the best out of everyone.

He regretted leaving the boarding house for a moment after living there for five years until last week. But the Time Lord figured he could not stay there forever. He had to keep going.

'But someday,' he thought to himself. 'I'll come back. Maybe to visit.'

"Let's see what Mendorax Dellora has to offer in 5343." The Doctor said to himself as he fiddled with the TARDIS controls.


Failure. The one word repeated in the head of Scheck as his plan to demolish the neighborhood as his way to avenge his ancestors who lost the Tomato Incident had ended in failure. The mere fact he was caught on videotape burning the document that had proved the neighborhood's status as a historical landmark was something he did not anticipate.

Since his time in prison for days after he was found guilty, he slowly thought of revenge. He had to get back on top again and maybe, get revenge on the kid whose head was shaped like a football and his friends with the weird stack of hair and one eyebrow.

Which was why he had anticipated a lawyer of his to assist him in setting him free. He was supposed to come last week but nothing.

As he sat in his prison cell, he began to feel irate.

'Where is my lawyer?' He thought to himself in irritation.

An hour later, it was lunchtime. The cells opened up and he was walking toward the cafeteria.


He heard someone call him.

He turned around to see two prison guards, both tall men who were white and black respectively.

"You got a phone call." One of the guards said. "Says he's your lawyer."

Scheck's face brightened. Finally, his lawyer came through.


He was directed to a section of the prison with phones. Each one attached as if they were for a phone booth rather than the traditional way of facing their loved ones through a glass window.

As the two guards stood next to him, Scheck answered the phone.

"Tell me you have something that will get me out of here!" Scheck spoke into the receiver with an irritable tone in his voice.

"Mr. Scheck." The voice from the other end spoke with a deep, mechanical, emotionless voice.

Scheck's blood ran cold. He recognized that voice. He almost dropped the phone out of fear. It was the voice he hoped he would never again; the only Solace he had about being in prison.

His superior from another world. Another universe.

"We know you have failed."

"It's a tiny setback." Scheck hissed quietly. "Just a minimum delay-"

"Our Cybermats spied on every action. Not only were you beaten by mere human children, but your desire to avenge your ancestors has blinded you and cost the Cyberrace their chance of conquering this universe as part of Project New Mondas."

"But you don't understand!" Scheck began to protest before being cut off by his superior.

"No, it is you who does not understand." The voice said. "Your human need for revenge has managed to setback our plans. Did you forget it was your ancestor who stumbled onto us after the humiliation of the Tomato Incident?"

"I didn't forget!" Scheck exclaimed.

"Then remember that your ancestor bargained for his life not to be converted and instead agreed to our alliance. That we would conquer this universe and every descendant will assist us. They would assist in converting humans to Cybermen and in exchange, they would receive newfound wealth."

Scheck cringed as he remembered even his own father mentioned on his deathbed about the Cybermen. The deal his ancestors made years ago and had hoped his son would once again delay things further in favor of their revenge.

"Your father and yourself promised the progression of our invasion plans with this shopping mall that would provide us a secret base for our operations."

"That I did-" Scheck stammered.

"And yet, you not only pushed the deal aside for your petty revenge but upon discovering every blueprint, we were excluded."

Scheck's eyes widened in shock.

"I-I, I can explain…"

"Ironically, we were going to betray you but it seems you had decided to break the bargain. As of now, our deal is terminated. Your wealth will be no more and when we do conquer this universe, you will be executed rather than converted. It is far too dignifying for a traitor as yourself."

"WHAT?!" Scheck screamed in shock and horror. "You can't do this to me!"

"I beg of you! Spare me!" Scheck then fell on his knees. "I'm literally on the floor right now begging! Give me one more chance! I promise I won't betray you again!"

"No excuses. No more promises." The voice sternly said before ominously stating, "You will be terminated. Perhaps sooner than intended."

With that, all Scheck could hear was a click, followed by a dial tone.

Scheck stayed frozen in place in fear and dismay as the receiver dropped from his hands much to the amusement of the prison guards.

"Can't afford to pay his lawyer, I guess." Ome of the prison guards remarked to his co-worker.

The two chuckled as Scheck was still frozen in fear.

All the thoughts of revenge against his enemies were replaced by fear. The fear of what were once secret benefactors, were now out to kill him. And there was nothing he could to stop it.

In an unknown location, filled with computers and monitors, a group of metallic, silver beings with heads of black emotionless eyes, a face free of anything human except perhaps a human, metallic chin with handlebars on each side of their heads and wired chest plates, converged together.

"Leader." One of them being the Lieutenant spoke. "What is your next course of action?"

The Cyber-Leader, represented as the one with black handlebars on its head, responded after overseeing a control panel that allowed him to call Scheck, "We will continue to capture individuals from every universe to convert to our cause."

"The invasion will commence but in secret." He then added. "Once we have enough of an army to reach billions, we will begin phase two being of full force. The Cybermen will rise and our forces will once again grow in strength."

"But in the meantime, send a Cybermat to assassinate Scheck and then inform all Cybermen factions in the various universes and their own leaders to begin acquiring subjects for conversion." The Cyber-Leader ordered the Cyber-Lieutenant.

"Yes Leader." The Cyber-Lieutenant nodded and walked off to execute the orders of the Cyber-Leader.

Author's Notes:

Yeah, this one given some of my intentions with the one shot, I wanted to get this out of my system. As an experiment though, if this does well and it gets a positive reception, I can do more short one shots with certain conspiracies with other villain factions like the Daleks, Decepticons and Apocalypse.

But couple of things,

- The inspiration for this came from the second season finale of the Scream TV series in which the killer gets a call in prison and is horrified to hear somebody on the other end saying with the Ghostface voice, "who told you who could wear my mask?"

- The idea of Scheck working for the Cybermen I had in mind for years. It was basically a "wouldn't it be interesting" kind of deal. I never knew what to do with it exactly until I thought of this one shot and decided to straight up do it.

- Speaking of the Cybermen, these are not the Cybermen from the alternate Earth like in the RTD era kf NuWho. These are the Cybermen from Mondas, the classic series.

The versions I'm using are the Earthshock to Silver Nemesis era Cybermen as they're my favorite iterations. So basically, I was writing the Cyber-Leader as played by David Banks the entire time.

- Originally I was just going to leave it at Mr. Scheck and then that scene with the Cybermen. But my friend Ben2Dartmouth upon showing him what I wrote, he liked it but did feel perhaps it needed beefing up and suggested the framing device of Arnold reflecting on The Jungle Movie and so forth and to be honest, it was the right call to make as I feel it added something than just setting up the Cybermen going to conquer the multiverse.

- It also gave me an excuse to put in a headcanon I had since 2020; The Doctor being the elusive Mr. Smith. The 12th Doctor specifically.

Since the alias John Smith tends to be used and at one point in an episode centered around Mr. Smith (hence the photo from the episode) there was the pig Abner and other animals stacking on each other (even wearing a hat!) seemingly talking to him and The Doctor has spoken to animals before, so between that and the mysterious nature (including advanced technology), it just seemed natural to me.

I did flirt with the idea of the 11th Doctor but I wanted to go with 12 anyway.

- Originally, the placement of the 12th Doctor was going to be set before Peter Capaldi's last season but then I reminded myself that Nardole joined him at that point and I had no idea how to explain him as to what he could had been doing in the Hey Arnold universe.

So I picked the setting being after Hell Bent and before The Wedding of River Song.

- And also, I did reference the "always be kind" line from Twice Upon a Time.

- That was a reference to the infamous Kelly-Hopkinsville UFO incident.

- Ben2Dartmouth also suggested Gerald telling the story of the Cybermen and I rolled with it as he pointed out the show tended to have the crazy Supernatural stuff be true and he's right given I recalled for example Wheezin Ed and the giant fish Big Caesar.

I wasn't sure about Gerald bringing up The Doctor but ultimately, I decided he had to given The Doctor at least tended to pop up time to time in some fashion.

That's everything. Hope you enjoyed and if you want more villain conspiracy short one shots, say the word.

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