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Rumble 20600 Elodie vs. The Princess (2022 Film)
Elodie: 4
The Princess (2022 Film): 3

Rumble 20599 Tom Cat vs. Death Angel (A Quiet Place)
Tom Cat: 2
Death Angels (A Quiet Place): 0

Wolverine vs. Multiple Man
Wolverine: 3
Multiple Man: 4

Tournament - Captain James Tiberius Kirk vs. Viceroy Nute Gunray
Captain James Tiberius Kirk: 6
Viceroy Nute Gunray: 3

M.A.S.K. vs. Menasor
M.A.S.K.: 3
Menasor: 2

Rumble 20592 Art the Clown vs. The Leprechaun

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Art unintentionally interrupts Lubdan as he is killing a store manager for stealing a portion of his gold collection. Art begins to annoy Lubdan as he continues to watch. As Lubdan finishes up killing the store manager he turns his attention towards Art still staring motionless all while being covered in fresh blood from his last victim. Leprechaun rattles off a few goofy rhymes and riddles and throws Art to the ground with the flick of his wrist. Art recovers almost immediately and pursues Lubdan with his instruments of pain in hand. To protect what is left of the gold inside the store Lubdan is ablidged to battle Art. Art sees an opportunity to steal all of Lubdans possessions and confirm another kill.

Who wins?

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