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Rumble 20600 Elodie vs. The Princess (2022 Film)
Elodie: 4
The Princess (2022 Film): 3

Rumble 20599 Tom Cat vs. Death Angel (A Quiet Place)
Tom Cat: 2
Death Angels (A Quiet Place): 0

Wolverine vs. Multiple Man
Wolverine: 3
Multiple Man: 4

Tournament - Captain James Tiberius Kirk vs. Viceroy Nute Gunray
Captain James Tiberius Kirk: 6
Viceroy Nute Gunray: 3

M.A.S.K. vs. Menasor
M.A.S.K.: 3
Menasor: 2

Rumble 20590 The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers) vs. The Djinn

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Demons of the Darkness


The Djinn is released from the ancient jewel by a young lady named Tia, a highly sought after archeologist that came across it during a dig. Upon returning back to her home with the jewel the Djinn explains to Tia that she is to be granted three wishes. Unaware of the evil genies tricks, Tia does not realize he plans to not only collect her soul but, as many souls as necessary to summon his brethren and dominate the Earth. After the first granted wish she realizes the pure horror the Djinn had caused to collect a single human soul and twist the wish into a disaster scene. 

Trying to be rushed to ask for a second wish, Tia finds a way to obtain a sacred spell that temporarily vanishes the Djinn back into the fiery pits of hell for 2 hours exactly. This will be her some time. Although after two hours he will be released again to grant her last two wishes. 

Through all of the chaos, Tia decides to get a second opinion from a close colleague, Wyatt to see if the jewel and the Djinns power could be reversed. While showing Wyatt the jewel he identifies it immediately and knows without a doubt what she is dealing with. He has only ever heard the legends surrounding the jewel but never seen it. Afterwards, Wyatt shows her an ancient dagger that he had recovered from one his recent jobs. While examining the dagger up close looking at its articulate detail, the dagger manipulates itself from Tias hands in a split second and drives itself into the wall close by. Wyatt and Tia are shocked at first and are left boggled by the incident. 

Afterwards, they both try to look through all of Wyatt's book collection of ancient artifacts and archaic spells. When trying to find a lead on the mysterious jewel Tia ends up ironically seeing an identical picture of the dagger followed by information about it too. After they both fully read the info about the dagger they realize it belongs to another ancient demon that ironically  is to return on today's date. It awakens every 23 years to feed on the flesh of anything that stands in its way for 23 days. Although risky, the Creeper could be the best plan to perhaps halt the Djinn from killing more victims and forcing Tia to complete her last wishes.

After all the research is done Wyatt knows sooner than later the Creeper will be led back to the mystical dagger. It isn't long until Tia hears a loud slam on top of the roof. As they both run outside to check out the noise Wyatt and Tia realize it's the Creeper back for his dagger and a snack to go with it. As Tia and Wyatt look up in fear, the Creeper stares down at them from the roof letting out a roar followed by opening his wings to full capacity.

Not at a better time could have the Creeper showed up. The two hour spell casted upon the jewel and the Djinn is broken. The Djinn reappears in an instant somehow in possession of the magical dagger. Tia and Wyatt caused the Creepers dagger to be transported into the hands of the Djinn through the magical spell. Also done with a similar spell Wyatt and Tia cause the jewel to be transported into the Creepers possession too. Now face to face and seeing the stolen artifacts in the others possession causes a battle between the two demonic forces. Realizing the Djinn is a demon of sorts, The Creeper views the opportunity as a chance to feed in plenty while The Djinn finds it as a chance to capture a worthy demonic soul.

How will this end?

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