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Yokai (Big Hero 6) vs. Syndrome (Buddy Pine)
Yokai (Big Hero 6): 1
Syndrome (Buddy Pine): 7

Rumble 20504 Crossbreeds (Blood And Honey) vs. Dr. Buddy Rydell vs. Zeku
Crossbreeds (Blood And Honey): 1
Dr. Buddy Rydell: 1
Zeku: 1

Xicor (Zaiko) vs. The Dragon Ball Universe
Xicor (Zaiko): 0
The Dragon Ball Universe: 6

Rumble 20499 Evil-Lyn vs. The Invisible Woman
Evil-Lyn: 0
The Invisible Woman: 3

Gamora vs. The Arbiter
Gamora: 3
The Arbiter: 0

Rumble 20487 Grid Alien vs. William Corvinus

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Disaster strikes on board of a massive spaceship after a top secret mission goes wrong. While the crew was enroute to the landing site, the Grid Alien breached the security system and killed off the crew. While the crew was occupied trying to survive, the spaceship crashed by a huge lake. 

Eventually, Grid Alien exits the demolished aircraft and continues through a dense forest. Inside of the forest Grid is led to a dark den that seems to be uninhabited. While almost inside the entrance Grid is alerted by a growling sound. William jumps out of the shadows furiously growling at the intruder. Reacting immediately, Grid growls back. Grid sees the cave as a perfect new home while William Is protecting the cave from any intruders. The monsters roar at each other and the battle begins. 


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