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Iceman vs. Shadowcat
Iceman: 2
Shadowcat: 1

Rumble 20700 T-800 (The Terminator) vs. T-850 (Terminator)
T-800 (The Terminator): 1
T-850 (Terminator): 4

Rumble 20699 Sailor Uranus vs. Uranus (Bloody Roar)
Sailor Uranus: 3
Uranus (Bloody Roar): 0

Rumble 20698 SCP-096 vs. Cleatus  vs. Frieren
SCP-096: 1
Cleatus : 1
Frieren: 1

Feral vs. Kylun
Feral: 2
Kylun: 0

Match 20696 Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord vs. Grumble Bee and Primator

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I am Lord Zedd: Part 5


So, I'm in the body of Lord Zedd; inside the Moon Palace watching Alpha fight a regular Putty in Angel Grove Park. I have to say, this was fun and entertaining to watch. 

Alpha punched the Putty in the face, which caused the clay humanoid to fall down. “That is enough out of you!” Alpha yelled at the Putty. But the Putty wasn’t going to give up as it used its foot to kick Alpha in the leg. Which caused Alpha to fall down onto the Putty.

“Oooooh!” I winced as I watched Alpha’s big disc-like head crush the Putty’s head. I have to say, you didn’t see something this gruesome on the show.

Alpha got up from the dead Putty and was shocked by what he had just done. "Aye-yi-yi! What have I done?! I mean, yes, it was a Putty - but this is just wrong!" Alpha yelled. It didn’t take long for the corpse of the Putty to disappear from existence.

“Alpha!” Dylan yelled as he ran back to the robot. “Are you, ok?”

“I’m fine, Dylan. Let’s go find your mom.” Alpha said as he took Dylan’s hand, and the two started searching the park.

I decided not to cause any more trouble for Alpha; at least for today. After all, there was a worried mother out there. I maybe evil now, but I still have a soft side. It didn’t take long for Alpha to reunite Dylan with his mother. After Alpha said goodby to the mother and child, he teleported back to the Command Center.

I turned off my Telescopic Vision and turned around to look back at my minions. I could see that Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, Grumble Bee, and the Z-Putties were all confused.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked them.

“Well... It’s just that... I thought we weren’t using the normal Putties anymore.” Goldar said.

“Yeah, aren’t the Z-Putties supposed to be stronger?” Squatt asked.

“And why send only one Putty to attack Alpha?” Baboo asked.

Oh, boy. I didn’t plan on this. I couldn’t just tell them, I wanted to see a good fight. Otherwise, they might suspect that I’m not the real Lord Zedd. But I quickly thought of something.

“I might have plans for Alpha in the future. I used a regular Putty to judge Alpha’s fighting abilities. I probably wouldn’t have the results that I needed, if Alpha had one-punched a Z-Putty.” I told my minions.

“Oh, I guess that makes sense.” Goldar said as he used his hand to rub the back of his neck.

“Of course it does.” I told the golden alien.

Yeah, 52 Episodes within Season 2, and Lord Zedd never fixed that weak-spot on the Z-Putties. And Lord Zedd wonders why he could never beat the Power Rangers.

“Now then, onto destroying the Power Rangers.” I said to everyone.

I used the Telescopic Vision to look back into Angel Grove, and spotted Zack’s gorilla costume on the basketball field. I used the Z-Staff to fire a bolt of lightning that turned the gorilla costume into a monster. I have to say, I was impressed that I created Primator - just like how the real Lord Zedd did in the original episode. I ordered Primator to launch an attack on Angel Grove Harbor.

It didn’t take long for the Power Rangers to appear in the harbor and get into a fight with Primator. The fight was going similar to how it did in the episode. It was odd to see the same fight in real life.

It was about the time where Lord Zedd would make the monster grow. But I know once the Power Rangers call for their zords, Primator would be defeated like in the episode. Which is why I was going to give Primator a little help. I turned off my Telescopic Vision and turned around to look at Grumble Bee.

“Come over here Grumble Bee.” I ordered the bee monster.

“Yes, Lord Zedd.” Grumble Bee said as he walked over towards me.

I created two Growth Bombs in my hands and passed them to the bug monster.

“I want you to go down to Earth and help Primator to destroy the Power Rangers. Use these to become giants.” I told Grumble Bee.

“As you wish, Lord Zedd.” Grumble Bee said before he teleported away.

The Black and Blue Rangers jumped through the air and did a kick to Primator. Followed by the Pink and Yellow Rangers each throwing a punch that knocked Primator a few feet back. The six Power Rangers regrouped and got out their weapons. “All right, Power Rangers it’s time to cage this wild ape.” The Red Ranger said to his teammates. The rest of the Rangers each let out a battle cry, agreeing with their leader.

But then Grumble Bee appeared right next to Primator. “Not so fast, Power Rangers.” Grumble Bee said.

The Power Rangers were shocked to see the insect monster. “Grumble Bee!” The Blue Ranger yelled.

“But how?! We destroyed you months ago!” The Yellow Ranger yelled.

“Thanks to Lord Zedd, I have been resurrected.” Grumble Bee said to the Power Rangers. The bug monster then turned to Primator. “Lord Zedd thinks you could use a helping hand.” Grumble Bee said as he passed a Growth Bomb to Primator.

“Fine, just don’t hog up all the fun.” Primator said. The two monsters pulled the pins from the Growth Bombs and slammed the metal balls down to the ground. After a huge explosion, Primator and Grumble Bee became giants.

“Man, Lord Zedd knows how to make things worse for us.” The Black Ranger said.

“Yeah, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” The Pink Ranger said.

“Right, let’s do it!” The Red Ranger yelled.

“We need Thunderzord power now!” The Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Pink Rangers all yelled together.

I watched the Power Rangers jump inside the Thunderzords. For some reason, Primator and Grumble Bee just stood by, watching the zords combine into the Thunder Megazord. I never understand why the monsters did not attack the zords during the transformation. I saw Tommy use the Dragon Dagger to summon the Dragonzord out of the bay. The Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord stood side by side, ready to fight my two monsters.

“Well, well, I see you Rangers got a new Megazord. Too bad I have to break it.” Grumble Bee said.

“You may have been a threat to us back in Rita’s days. But against the Thunder Megazord, you’re now just an annoying pest.” The Yellow Ranger said to Grumble Bee on the speakers of the Megazord.

“Yeah, especially since we have Dragonzord to back us up this time.” The Black Ranger said.

“He may be no match for your zords, but I am!” Primator yelled, as he and Grumble Bee came charging towards the Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord.


So, here is the next part to my arc.

I will post videos of Grumble Bee and Primator under the Callisto Post.

I hope everyone will enjoy this match. Who do you think will win?

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A nice and amusing chapter, Venom. I liked the monsters being paired off against one another and the thought of Alpha 5 throwing down in the previous entries. This is a more straight up traditional fight and I'm always going to go with the zords over Rita and Zedd'ss monsters. 

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Goode set-up, Venom. It's interesting to read up on your initial stumbles as Lord Zedd. There's a part of me that's actually rooting for Zedd to get at least a win or two over the Rangers at some point in this arc. :D 

As for the match, Primator might've had a chance against the Zords if he were smarter about his shapeshifting and he had a stronger partner in the fight. As it stands, though, Grumble Bee already went down to the original Megazord and Primator isn't that bright, so I'm fully expecting the Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord to win this. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - Boratz
4.30 - Pizza Guy
4.50 - DSkillz
4.40 - JohnnyChany

FPA Calculation:
4 Total Votes cast
18.20 Total Combined Score
18.20 / 4 = 4.55 Final Rating on the match

Dragonzord and Thunder Megazord: 4
Primator and Grumble Bee: 1

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