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Iceman vs. Shadowcat
Iceman: 2
Shadowcat: 1

Rumble 20700 T-800 (The Terminator) vs. T-850 (Terminator)
T-800 (The Terminator): 1
T-850 (Terminator): 4

Rumble 20699 Sailor Uranus vs. Uranus (Bloody Roar)
Sailor Uranus: 3
Uranus (Bloody Roar): 0

Rumble 20698 SCP-096 vs. Cleatus  vs. Frieren
SCP-096: 1
Cleatus : 1
Frieren: 1

Feral vs. Kylun
Feral: 2
Kylun: 0

Match 20694 Delicious in Dungeon Team vs. Goblin Slayer

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Delicious In Dungeon Team vs Goblin Slayer


“Laois! Look out behind you!”


Boom! A great explosion split the air from a wave of Marcille’s staff.


“Look alive! There’s more of these little bastards coming from the left!”


Senshi the Dwarf swung his axe with all his might! Bisecting several of his opponents at once!


“Gaaaaaaahhhhh! Just what the hell are these things anyways?” 


Chilchuck Tims quickly scrambled for high ground, desperately trying to put some distance between himself and the small, green-skinned creatures.


“Wow, are these a whole new breed of monsters? This is amazing! I can’t believe we discovered a whole new species!”


Laois Touden took a break from slashing and hacking the little shrieking creatures to pull out a pen and journal to write in.


“Small, green rough-skinned humanoids with pointy ears, claws, fangs, and long noses. Kinda similar to Half-Foots but much more sinister looking and appearing to lack any kind of sentience or intelligence. Hey guys! Does anyone have some suggestions for names?”


“LAOIS PUT THAT JOURNAL AWAY AND HELP US FIGHT THEM!” Marcille and Chilchuck yelled angrily at their party leader.


“Oh right. Sorry!” Laois apologized before rejoining the battle.


“Urgh! Gross! Hey I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up! Their blood is sticking to my fur!” Izutsumi yelled out as she slashed out at the enemy with her claws.


“She might be right, there’s too many of them! We might need to pull back for now!” Senshi called out to his comrades.


“But we can’t abandon our supplies!” Marcille cried out as she kept blasting at the enemy. “At least let me grab some of my-“


The Elf Mage suddenly screamed in terror as the tiny creatures quickly swarmed her, making her disappear from the sight of her compatriots.


“No! Marcille! Get away from her!” Laois yelled as he quickly moved towards her location.


The Tall-man warrior cut down scores of green skins as he tried to reach his friend, but it was if a dozen more appeared for every one he killed! He pushed forward as much as he was able to, but he was gradually being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of these mysterious, yet fierce new monsters.


“Everyone cover your eyes now! O merciful Earth Mother, please bless us wanders in the dark with Holy Light!”


Laois covered his eyes just in time as a large flash of light swept through the area, all the little monsters crying out in terror as they were stunned and blinded by its intense brightness! When the Tall-man opened his eyes again he found that his enemies being assaulted by a new arrival; a tall man decked out from head to toe in grubby leather armor and chain mail, a distinct looking helmet obstructing his face from view.


“Get to your friend now! If the Goblins take her too far down the dungeon you’ll never get her back!” The Stranger ordered him as he savagely slayed every green creature in his path.


“Huh? But who are you?” Laois dumbly asked.


“Go! Now!” The Stranger shouted at him again!


Snapped out of his stupor, Laois took off once more! The few of these ‘Goblins’ that could still move to stop him were either skewered or trapped beneath his feet as Laois quickly neared a great mass of the creatures bundled up together. No sooner had he reached the group though that a large magical blast suddenly erupted from inside the masses! Laois could only cover his eyes as the bloody chunks of the Goblins flew all over the place, making a huge mess!


“Die! Die! Die! You disgusting little monsters!” Marcille Donato screamed in fury as she stomped on the few pierces of bodies that still somewhat resembled a Goblin.


“Marcille! Are you alright?” Laois asked her in worry.


“I-I think so. But I think one of those things stabbed me in my shoulder,” Marcille winced as she tenderly grabbed her shoulder. 


“Drink this healing potion please! We have plenty to spare so please drink up!” A small blonde woman wearing some white robes appeared next to them, offering up a small bottle to Marcille.


“For me? Oh thank you very much,” Marcille gratefully drank the bottle and was amazed to find her wound beginning to heal right before her eyes.


“My pleasure, I’m just glad you’re both okay,” the little blonde girl smiled earnestly at the Elf.


“C’mon Marcille and uh- Priestess lady, we need to regroup with the others,” Laois quickly ushered the other two back towards the main battle, which thanks to the new arrivals had turned into a one sided massacre against the Goblins.


“Hey Long-Ears! I’m up to 20 right now, what about you?” The Dwarf Shaman boasted as he slaughtered a couple of Goblins in one hit.


“25 for me! Keep up Dwarf!” High Elf Archer chirped back as she let loose arrow after arrow.


“I’m at 28! And if I win I expect a feast of cheese as a reward!” Lizard Priest called out as his scimitar felled more of the dwindling Goblin numbers.


“And this makes 30.” The lead Goblin Slayer stoically said as he drove his Short Sword through one last Goblin. “Is that the last of them?”


“Aye! Looks like we got ‘em all. Thanks a bunch for stepping in when you did strangers,” Senshi nodded in thanks to the newly arrived Party.


“Just what the hell were those things!? And why weren’t they mentioned in any of the dungeon records?” Chilchuck demanded, angrily kicking one the deceased Goblin corpses.


“They’re Goblins of course! What don’t you people get Goblins in this part of the world?” The High Elf Archer asked.


“No I don’t think so. I’ve never heard of a ‘Goblin’ before anyways,” Marcille answered in confused. 


“Can’t say I’m familiar with these things either, and I’ve been in this dungeon longer than most of you have been alive,” Senshi answered.


“So wait, you mean these creatures have already been discovered and documented?” A disappointed Laois asked.


“I’m afraid that is correct,” the Priestess explained to Laois with an amused smile.


“Aww man, I missed out on a chance to name a new species after me,” Laois pouted, curling up into a dejected ball.


“Yeah no way were we gonna let you do that,” Marcille deadpanned at Laois.


“Shouldn’t you be more relieved that we survived  this attack in one piece?” Chilchuck sarcastically asked.


“You’ve never heard of Goblins? Then listen carefully, because what I’m about to tell you may very well decide whether you survive or die during your next encounter with them,” the lead Goblin Slayer suddenly began speaking in a very serious manner. “The first rule about fighting Goblins is that underestimating them will lead to quick, violent if you’re lucky and a very slow, agonizing one if you’re unlucky.”


“Uh, wow, you’re really an intense guy huh? Are these Goblins really so dangerous?” Marcille awkwardly asked.


“More dangerous than you possibly imagine. Once they have enough numbers they become a threat to every living creature that lives too close to their nests. Civilians, adventures, entire villages, no one is safe once a Goblin Army is on the march,” The Goblin Slayer grimly told them.


“Geez pal give us some credit will ya? We’re seen plenty of stuff down here that’s more dangerous than some little green barbarians,” Chilchuck crossed his arms in annoyance.


“Not like Goblins. Not even close. As I said earlier if you want to survive your next fight with them then you will listen to what I have to tell you,” The Goblin Slayer firmly said.


“So you’re telling me you’ve been studying these Goblins then?” Laois asked the helmet wearing man.


“I know a great deal about Goblins and how to kill them yes,” The Goblin Slayer answered.


“That’s great cause I have so many questions! What are the Goblins life cycles like? Are they strictly carnivorous or do they also eat fruits and vegetation? Do they prefer hot, cold or a more temperate climate? And most importantly; are they safe to eat?” Laois excitedly asked.


“…Excuse me?” The Goblin Slayer confusedly asked.


“Well only one way to find out! Hey Senshi need a hand in preparing a Goblin feast?” Laois called over to his party’s Dwarf.


“Already way ahead of you Laois! Grab as many Goblin corpses as you can while I set up a fire,” Senshi replied, already with an entire cooking set out and ready.


“Did he just say they’re gonna try eating Goblins?” The Dwarf Shaman asked as he watched Laois drag the Goblin Slayer over to the fireplace.


“Uh excuse me but is this your friend’s idea of a joke?” The Priestess asked Marcille.


“Nope. I’m afraid he’s dead serious,” Marcille sighed sadly.




“So let me get this straight: your names are Priestess, High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman, and Lizard Priest?” Chilchuck asked this new group of adventurers.


“Well yeah that’s correct,” Priestess smiled and nodded. 


“Your names are your species names and class? How does that work? Were you given those names at birth or did you get those names after you developed your class skills? What were you called before that?” Chilchuck demanded.


The foursome all exchanged puzzled looks amongst themselves before shrugging helplessly at the bewildered Half-Foot.


“Let it go Chilchuck, I guess that’s just a normal thing where they are from,” Marcille advised her friend as she ate her dinner.


“And is it normal to eat dead monsters where you guys are from?” High Elf Archer demanded as she tried not to heave at the deep fried Goblin on her plate.


“Trust me it’s not where I’m from,” Izutsumi grumbled as she sniffed the dinner before reluctantly trying a bite.


“It’s really not but we didn’t have enough money to buy food when we came down here and so we kinda had to try this,” Marcille explained.


“And there’s nothin’ wrong with it either! It’s no different than eating a cow or a chicken,” Senshi interjected as he ate his own portion of Goblin. “At the end of the day it’s just meat, and every race large and small has eaten all kinds of meat since the dawn of time.”


“Not mine! Us High Elves have a vegetarian diet so I’ll have to respectfully decline your meal,” High Elf Archer set her own plate aside.


“Suit yourself. It’ll be here if you change your mind,” Senshi replied.


“Do you really think we should?” Priestess asked Lizard Priest and Dwarf Shaman.


“That is up to you little one, do whatever your conscience tells you. But me personally, well we Lizardman have never been picky on what kind of meat we eat,” Lizard Priest answered as he quickly ate his grilled Goblin.


Much latter as people were either finishing their dishes or setting them aside, a certain conversation between the group’s leaders was nearing it’s own conclusion.


“So you mean to say you’re trying to save your sister’s life? From a curse you had a hand in putting upon her?” Goblin Slayer asked pointedly.


“I was trying to bring her back to life, but yeah that is about what happened,” Laois sadly answered.


“Please don’t put the blame on Laios! I was the one who casted that dark spell, but I swear we only did it to try to save Falin!” Marcille insisted.


“I don’t doubt you had good intentions Marcille, but I just can’t condone the use of Black Magic. It’s a perversion of the gifts given to us by the Earth Mother,” Priestess chimed in.


“Laois, I understand that you want to help your sister, but I’m afraid that I cannot allow your group to go any further,” Goblin Slayer spoke as he stood up.


“Wh-what do you mean?” Laois asked in shock.


“Black magic aside your group clearly has no experience fighting Goblins and I don’t know how many nests are further down in these dungeons. You’ll get in my own groups way as we track them down, so I must ask you to return to the surface immediately,” Goblin Slayer informed him.


“Hey who the hell are you to tell us what to do! We did not come all this way just to turn around now!” Izutsumi snarled in anger.


“Son we may not look like much but we can handle ourselves in a pinch and we don’t need your permission to keep going,” Senshi calmly yet firmly told him.


“Did you forget that you nearly died before we saved you? Sorry but if Orcbolg said you’re not ready to fight Goblins then you’re not ready!” High Elf Archer stood beside her leader.


“No one knows more about Goblins than old Beardcutter here. There’s no shame in turning back now and saving yourselves,” Dwarf Shaman explained to them.


“Trust me, no one would like that more than me. But I’ve already thrown my lot in with these crazy people so if they’re going then I’m going with them,” Chilchuck declared.


“Please my friends there is no need to fight,” Lizard Priest tried to mediate.


“Then stay out of our way! We are going to save Falin and you are not going to stop us!” Marcille furiously shouted.


“We’re trying to save your life Marcille. I can’t watch this happen again,” Priestess sadly explained.


“Goblin Slayer, I thank you for answering my questions and for helping us out back there. But I am not leaving this dungeon without my sister. Now get out of my way,” Laois said in an uncharacteristically low voice.


“If you want to go any farther Laois, you’re gonna have to prove to me that you have the strength to survive,” Goblin Slayer said as he slowly drew out his short sword.


“If that’s how it is then fine,” Laois said as he drew his own sword.




Basically it’s the Delicious in Dungeon Party (Laois, Marcille, Senshi, Chilchuck and Izutsumi) vs Goblin Slayer’s own Party (Goblin Slayer, Priestess, High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman, and Lizard Priest). They fight until one group is incapacitated or surrenders. Who wins?

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Nice-looking set-up, Pizza Guy. Both teams are apparently from Dungeons and Dragons-inspired animes. Delicious in Dungeon very recently was adapted into an anime, right? I've been seeing clips of the show popping up on YouTube lately. 

As for the match? At this point, unfortunately, I don't have the time to research these teams before voting wraps, so I can't really say who wins here. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.60 - JohnnyChany
4.40 - DSkillz

FPA Calculation:
2 Total Votes cast
9.00 Total Combined Score
9.00 / 2 = 4.50 Final Rating on the match

Delicious in Dungeon Team: 0
Goblin Slayer: 1

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