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Iceman vs. Shadowcat
Iceman: 2
Shadowcat: 1

Rumble 20700 T-800 (The Terminator) vs. T-850 (Terminator)
T-800 (The Terminator): 1
T-850 (Terminator): 4

Rumble 20699 Sailor Uranus vs. Uranus (Bloody Roar)
Sailor Uranus: 3
Uranus (Bloody Roar): 0

Rumble 20698 SCP-096 vs. Cleatus  vs. Frieren
SCP-096: 1
Cleatus : 1
Frieren: 1

Feral vs. Kylun
Feral: 2
Kylun: 0

Rumble 20689 Shenlong The Tiger and Kuma and Sabrewulf vs. Alex (Tekken) and Riptor and Ryoho the Dragon

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Shenlong The Tiger
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Alex (Tekken)
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Ryoho the Dragon
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I would take Riptor as the strongest character here. She could beat everybody in my opinion. Alex never did anything for me and I don't think he could beat anybody from team 1. Ryoho is good but team 2 is missing that reliable 3rd member to really put them over.

Have to go with team 1.

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